It is hardly surprising that sports betting is always in great demand in Germany when there is another international soccer tournament with the respective national representatives. Whether the European or World Cup - for online bookmakers there is a big drawing every two years. Because hardly any other sporting event in Germany or around the world receives as much attention as a World Cup, and a European Championship is one of the most popular sporting events of all, at least in Europe - be it in the football stadiums themselves or at home on the sofa in front of the television . And of course you mustn't forget the mass of people who meet for the popular public viewing. They all have a certain interest in this sport - some only for the duration of the tournament or for the time that their favorite team takes part in the tournament. Others more fundamentally, but then increased again during this time. Especially in the preliminary round of this year's finals in Russia there are days with up to four games. The sheer number of different encounters that you can bet on alone makes the topic of sports betting particularly interesting at this time of year.

With the right bookmaker, gaming is twice as much fun

As is so often the case in life, when it comes to sports betting, it is important to know what you really want. Because the number of providers on the market has become unmanageably large in recent years. A number of providers spend a lot of money on advertising. Of course, that has to be earned again somehow. A circumstance that you get to feel in turn with the quotas. Unfortunately, these providers often come with the worst odds. Other providers are significantly better positioned in terms of quotas - but hardly known due to their poor presentation in magazines, television and Internet advertisements. It therefore makes sense to deal with the topic in more detail beforehand. you will find a wide range of betting providers, which are compared with each other here. You learn a lot about the respective characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of a provider. From the range of different sports to the quality of the odds to the service and of course the seriousness of a provider, everything is carefully examined here - and the results are interesting to read. Especially if you want to intervene in the game yourself and experience the thrill of a well-placed bet.

Four criteria to look out for when comparing bookmakers

The first question that is always important is whether a provider is really reputable. If a test does not give a clear answer to this simple question, then there are only two options. Either the test result is so outstanding that the question of seriousness no longer arises. Then you have to be able to see that from the test. Or those who have carried out the test do not really dare to make a statement on this question. If you have this feeling, you should look around for another experience report. Basically, a good comparison of betting providers should always say something about the seriousness of an offer.

Sports betting during the World Cup - when an industry is booming
Green lawn, black and white leather and 22 motivated players: that's all it takes to make sports betting exciting during the World Cup.

Then the question arises whether there is a bonus when registering and, if so, what it looks like. This question is particularly important because the bonus can be used to make your first steps and experience in the world of sports betting without losing any money. In many cases a bonus has to be played through a few times in order for it to be cashable. This is understandable insofar as the betting providers are of course not interested in paying out the bonus as money to the players. Much more, the bonus should of course be an incentive to register and then to bet higher sums as quickly as possible. However, if you use the bonus sensibly to slowly get into the game, get to know the most important points and then gradually get going more and more, you have a good chance of creating a small buffer with the bonus.

The third question is which sports the betting provider has on offer. If you want to concentrate on a sport, then it doesn't matter if the offer is rather narrow. But if you would like to bet on different sports across the board, you have to look for a provider who is more broadly positioned.

And last but not least, the question arises as to how the quotas are set. Is the betting provider always at the bottom of the odds when it comes to odds? Then it is clear that the odds are significantly worse compared to other providers. Of course, it is clear that the better the odds are set up, the greater the potential profit after a correct tip.

The tension is increasing - the third game day is just around the corner

The first two game days have already brought some very interesting decisions - and some results that would certainly have brought great odds if they had been guessed correctly. But ultimately you have to say that the tension will continue to rise when the preliminary round is over and the knockout games follow. If you want to have found a suitable betting provider by then, you should start looking around now.