There are signs of a new expansion for the Spirit Island board game: Greater Than Games has published a crowdfunding campaign for "Nature Incarnate" on Backerkit - and it's been extremely successful.

Greater Than Games has long since created its own small game world around Spirit Island. Several expansions and additional content ensure fun even long after the basic game. This was published in German by the publisher Pegasus Spiele, as well as the expansions Crazed Earth or Branch and Paw as well as numerous promo add-ons. With “Nature Incarnate”, Greater Than Games has now started crowdfunding for another additional box. 

Spirit Island: A whole world of content

The Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate campaign is running on Backerkit. Greater Than Games had set a target of a round sum of 40.000 US dollars. And that has long been surpassed. Almost 800.000 fans have already invested more than 8.500 dollars in the financing campaign. More than twenty times the planned amount. So it should be clear: Spirit Island is getting a new expansion. 

It offers eight new spirits to the players, who should then again help to prevent colonists from building on the island. Nature Incarnate can't do without new tricks either: with the mechanics behind "Incarna" you can send a physical presence to the island as a group of players for the first time. 

Spirit Island is a challenging cooperative board game about nature spirits that is also popular with connoisseurs. Together with the natives of an island, the group of players must work together to expel settlers from the island. The highlight of the board game: Each of the ghosts has individual powers that become stronger over time.

The board game is not easy: the settlers move around the island in a set pattern, explore the individual areas and ultimately build cities. This must be prevented. Destroying cities requires significantly more power and effort than wiping out a single colonist, but players gain significantly more fear this way, bringing the team closer to victory. If, on the other hand, the settlers fulfill their goal, the players lose - and the latter happens more often than one would like. 

Greater Than Games has released three expansions for the Spirit Island board game so far. Each of these adds a unique mechanic and various new spirits to the game.

Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate is priced at $55 for the base variant as part of the crowdfunding campaign. There are also bundles that include Spirit Island's all-round carefree package. the Campaign runs until November 17th.


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