Handelabra Games and Greater Than Games are launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to create a digital version of the successful co-op board game Spirit Island. The German edition of Spirit Island was published by Pegasus Spiele and was received positively by critics. Players will find out how good the adaptation is in the first half of 2020, when Spirit Island will appear as a video game variant.

Handelabra Games have already successfully implemented some well-known board game titles, such as One Deck Dungeon (tiny dungeon) or Sentinels of the Multiverse, as digital titles. The team is currently working on the Steam version of Aeon's End. Now the programmers are daring a new project: The strategy game heavyweight Spirit Island.

The planned implementation of the components (pre-alpha) Photo: Verlag / Publisher

Good board game: Spirit Island ranks 14th on Boardgamegeek

Spirit Island is currently on Boargamegeek 14th place, and has already convinced many board players. This is mainly due to the excellent design and the special setting. Because, unlike in most board games, we are not building a prosperous colony or colonizing an island. This time we play the original spirits of the island who try to lead an undisturbed life in harmony with nature together with the locals.

For this, the island ghosts can unleash a range of skills, whereby each ghost is based on its own design and these play very differently. The ghosts are controlled by cards, from which we can "acquire" more in the game.

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And so we can interact with the locals through the maps, move them or have them fight against the invaders. We can manipulate the invaders, or cause them direct damage and much more. Our goal is to drive the invaders off the island. Depending on the “fear level” we also have to wipe out all cities and villages.

The fascination of the game is mainly due to the grandiose design. Cleverly played cards allow me to use certain actions on the one hand, and on the other hand I can use even more abilities by "collecting" symbols on the cards. The abilities are divided into fast (used before the invaders) and slow (used after the invaders). The search for the best approach is always fun, but it can also be a long puzzle.

Maps and game surface (pre-alpha). Photo: Verlag / Publisher

What should be achieved in the digital game campaign?

The game, which will only appear on Steam, is supposed to be a complete implementation of the board game. That means:

  • Eight different ghosts with their own starter cards
  • Over 50 different power cards
  • Modular playing field
  • Digital representation of the components
  • Implement all invaders cards and fear cards
  • Implementation of the nations scenarios

When further stretch goals are reached, various promo ghosts, the “branch and paw” expansion and a multiplayer mode can be activated

The price: Backers have to pay that

As usual in crowdfunding campaigns, you can support the project at different levels. The Basic Edition only contains the digital version and costs 18 euros. The Deluxe Edition also contains the activated promo ghosts, a soundtrack and a digital play mat and costs 27 euros. Then there is a beta edition that costs 45 euros. In addition to all the content of the Deluxe Edition, you also have the opportunity to work in the beta tester team. The digital game should then be delivered in the first or two quarters of 2020.

The link to the campaign:


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