The small publisher Spielworxx has announced that the SPIEL'19 novelty "Throne of Allegoria" by Robin Lees and Steve Mackenzie can be pre-ordered. Orderers can either receive the board game by mail or pick it up at the SPIEL'19 game fair in Essen in October.

The board game "Throne of Allegoria" is one of the innovations at the SPIEL game fair. The Spielworxx publishing house accepts pre-orders for the title and then sends the board game to the customer when it is published - the pre-order can optionally be picked up directly from the Essen exhibition center.

Rule in the fantastic Middle Ages

In the board game "Throne of Allegoria" by Robin Lees and Steve Mackenzie, two to four players fight for supremacy in the times of the Middle Ages. Queen Gwendolin is on her deathbed, the inevitable is approaching and there are no descendants of her own. What must come will come: the country of Allegoria is looking for a new ruler. In the SPIEL 19 novelty from Spielworxx, players embody four of the country's noble houses, increasing their influence and striving for power.
The player boards show: It's about influence and power. Image: Spielworxx

The player boards show: It's about influence and power. Image: Spielworxx

They don't have much time for this. Whoever is most influential after six weeks wins the game and thus the crown of rulers. "Throne of Allegoria" takes place in a medieval fantasy world and is a board game with worker placement elements and area control.
It can be assumed that “Throne of Allegoria” is classified in the upscale area in terms of complexity. Players must strategically use their available workers and define their limits in order to increase their power in the land of Allegoria.

Spielworxx is accepting pre-orders for "Throne of Allegoria" from Thursday, September 19, 2019. Information is also available at

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