SPIEL will once again be the gathering place for many new releases this year. With "The Princes of Florence", Korea Boardgames will re-release the game by Wolfgang Kramer and Richard Ulrich that was released in 2000. It should appear in time for SPIEL.

Re-releases of successful titles are not only popular with films. Even "old" board games are reissued from time to time. Korea Boardgames (KBG) has now announced a new edition of SPIEL for SPIEL The Princes of Florence at. The game by Wolfgang Kramer and Richard Ulrich originally appeared in 2000 as number four in the alea Big Box series.

Innovations in the new edition

The basic principle of the game remains. Over seven rounds, the players try to collect points in different ways. Most of the points are collected from character cards, which bring "labor points" which in turn can be exchanged for money or prestige. Each of the different characters prefers a specific combination of buildings, landscapes and social freedom. These are acquired through an auction mechanism. The more precisely the players match the card preferences, the more work points there are.

But there are also some new things for the new edition. The artwork comes from Lukas Siegmon (Hallertau, Nova Luna, Reykholt). The layout of the cards has also been revised so that the requirements for the individual character cards are now printed on the left-hand side. This makes it easier to keep track of his hand. The buildings also get a small upgrade that should make the game easier. In addition to their unique shape, the buildings can now also be distinguished by their colors.

In addition to the normal game mode for 2-5 people, there is also a solo mode. KBG does not yet provide more detailed information on the nature of the solo mode. The press release also does not say whether the game will only appear in English or whether there will also be a German version.

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