Capcom goes hunting: the legendary Japanese video game series Monster Hunter is back. Console players explore alien worlds alone or with up to three friends as part of a research commission, encounter larger-than-life monsters - and let their hunting instincts run wild. Monster Hunter: World is a comparatively classic action adventure that focuses on intense battles. The search for ever larger - and ever more dangerous - creatures works. Also thanks to the existing item spiral, which motivates players to always new game sessions in solo mode or as part of an online hunting party.

With Monster Hunter: World, Capcom has delivered. The action adventure is captivating with its quick entry into the game and is still a lot of fun even after countless hours. In the video game test below, we reveal why action fans shouldn't miss Monster Hunter: World.

Not without my cat

Every beginning is similar. Also Monster Hunter: World begins like many action adventure games begin: with the creation of the character that will henceforth become the player's alter ego. However, there is one special feature of Capcom's monster game - one that has driven many indoor cats to despair, at least if you can believe the countless Internet reports. Each character is accompanied by a cat-like companion, a Palico. The fact that players can customize this fantasy cat according to their own taste already gives the character editor of Monster Hunter: World gives a real cuddle factor.  

The Palicos are not just decorative accessories, they are especially valuable for hunters who go out alone or in pairs. The fighting cats attack opposing creatures independently, pick up prey and, when called, trigger helpful actions that depend on their respective equipment. In addition, Palicos communicate with other allies in the wild, for example to set traps. 

Those who can't do much with the virtual furry noses and prefer to hunt with human fellow players can invite up to three other players to join their group. Depending on the size of the group, the level of difficulty adapts automatically, so that the battles against giant monsters always remain a challenge. If you want, you can plan your game plan individually in writable online sessions: up to 16 players form different task groups.

Anyway, the party systems are at Monster Hunter: World extremely comfortable. Password-protected groups, clan functionality or shared story moments: Capcom's monster adventure offers countless practical options for customizing your own hunting party. The so-called drop-in, a mechanism that allows players to hook into ongoing quests of other hunters, is particularly helpful. Clever: in order to avoid abuse, the reward decreases the later you join a hunt as a player. Anyone who needs active support can send an emergency signal and seek help from hunters around the world.

Shallow story. Great fights.

The hunt begins at the Astera hunter headquarters. There you stock up on equipment, procure consumables or look for particularly lucrative jobs from a large number of offers. As is almost mandatory for action adventures, there is also in Monster Hunter: World useful craft. Whether forge, herb garden or smelting furnace: if you want, you can pass your time with crafting.

Well equipped, it goes out into the wilderness. The living ecosystems are visually impressive and ensure that the monster hunt is even more appealing. Overall, the presentation is more of an accessory than a central design idea. Although there is a shallow background story, which is also nicely set to music, the intense fights are still there Monster Hunter: World clearly in focus - and that's a good thing. 

Without much preparation, players quickly encounter the first gigantic monsters after the start of the game. The varied landscapes around Astera can be freely explored and even without long loading times. Rather than having to be "loaded" into small sections at a time, players can access the contiguous tracts of land without delay, taking advantage of each natural environment. Pulling monsters through vines or luring them onto unstable ground makes sense in terms of gameplay - and invites you to keep an eye on the game environment. The same applies to poisonous plants that form toxic puddles when slashed open, or lightning beetles that blind monsters if you tease them long enough.

Game test for Monster Hunter: World for Xbox One
In the lively game world of Monster Hunter: World you meet NPCs again and again, use your Palico from companions or look for human teammates on your own initiative as companions for temporary adventures.

Not only does the flora of the landscapes look alive, other creatures may also intervene in the fight - for example, when two rival monsters collide. Clever hunters withdraw in such situations and use the monster-on-monster battles to their advantage.

Storming blindly at the monstrous giants is seldom crowned with success anyway. Enemy monsters can sometimes cause enormous damage when they unleash their special attacks on the surrounding hunters. Observing the opponent's behavior, performing evasive maneuvers and learning from combat play a role Monster Hunter: World an overriding role. Instead of acting constantly, it is often more about reacting to the monsters. Obtaining good equipment makes fighting easier, as does tactically intelligent attack behavior. The targeted focusing of opposing weak points - or particularly dangerous body parts - leads to significantly faster successes. Good hunters combine positional play and stamina management and also pay attention to a balance between offensive and defensive.

Especially newbies find it difficult to deal with the complex fighting processes at the beginning - also because the fights sometimes last many minutes. It is necessary and necessary to be patient enough to bring the hunt to an end Monster Hunter: World a unique video game in its genre. It takes countless hours of play until you have selected one of the 14 available branches of arms and mastered it to perfection. Even if it depends on the individual fighting skills, a certain reason is necessary to noticeably improve your own equipment. That doesn't detract from the fun of the game, on the contrary: it is one of the essential factors of a motivating action adventure.

In a special training area, all weapons, from double blades to lances, can be extensively tested. Each branch of arms has individual strengths and weaknesses. There are also special functions such as transformations or charges. The training of personal combat skills is at Monster Hunter: World essential for survival. Weapons lose their sharpness in the course of a fight and have to be sharpened with a whetstone; If a player does this at the wrong moment, the knock-out is very likely.

Comfort is everything

For Monster Hunter: World Capcom has rummaged neatly in the comfort box. Essential materials do not take up any space in your luggage and even monster parts that cannot be used immediately can be carried in unlimited quantities. This is especially great because in the course of a hunt, many a treasure accumulates that you can only use at a later point in time. If storage space becomes scarce, players can tidy up their backpacks in the next field camp and use storage chests there to stow unnecessary material.

In any case, the field camps are the linchpin for the ongoing hunt. From changing weapons to preparing buffs, hunters can prepare intensively - and above all purposefully - for upcoming adventures in the camp. The area maps that can be called up, on which monsters and other special features are noted, are extremely convenient. Even serial veterans should like this trick.

Game test for Monster Hunter: World for Xbox One
Opposing monsters not only look evil, they also deal with a rough trowel. Finding the right balance between attack and defense turns players into successful hunters.

Various job offers and changing event quests ensure that players can use all the existing comfort functions. Completing resource or delivery orders is worthwhile. The latter in particular are noticeably driving the expansion of the command center. Players can compete with others in the battle arena, where they fight with specified equipment or improve their personal best. There's a lot to be done at Monster Hunter: World, even away from the battlefields. If you want, you can spend your time fishing or catching small animals - to complete quests, of course. 

If you prefer to work on optimizing your hunting equipment instead, you can do so at Monster Hunter: World do. The lavish range of armor parts or weapons ensure that your own character really feels "own" after a few hours of play. The appearance of the armor is optically spiced up with additional components, such as talismans or decorations. Equipment that is no longer required can be dismantled in order to use the resources gained from recycling for new creations. Potions, ammunition or monster traps can also be produced in-house, which is often even possible during an ongoing hunt.

Do all these little gimmicks Monster Hunter: World to a virtual playground that captivates gamers to the gamepads for countless hours. The unbelievable variety of order types, combat strategies and mega-monsters make the action adventure from Capcom a highlight of the current gaming year. 


Number of players: 1 to 4 players in the online CoOp
Age: 12
Playing time: 50+ hours
Difficulty: medium
Long-term motivation: medium

Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Year of publication: 2018 
Platforms: PC
Language: German
Cost: 60,00 Euro


The action adventure Monster Hunter: World belongs on the big stage - and therefore on the largest possible screen. The game environment looks like a piece and looks breathtaking. This ensures unforgettable moments that players experience on the Xbox One (and also on other systems) at regular intervals. Capcom conjures up impressive images and presents Monster Hunter: World as a technically mature title, even if the camera work can cause confusion and chaos from time to time - and that is of little help in the sometimes hectic battles.

The pretty hunting areas can be explored freely - also free of loading times. Unusual enemy types literally invite players to let the guns do the talking. It is pacifist Monster Hunter: World not to. The video game keeps what the title promises: it's about exciting monster hunts. Thanks to the new Quest functions and the convenient multiplayer system, group games are a lot of fun, but thanks to the increasing difficulty, it is always a challenge. 

Monster Hunter: World motivates players to engage in clever fighting. Studying your opponent, watching his movements, only to then strike at the right moment, is a lot of fun. And it makes good hunters appear extremely powerful in the face of the mega-monsters. Those who reconsider their fighting positions and master their own abilities perfectly are usually one step ahead of their prey.

There are definitely details that could have been improved. In addition to the sometimes too intrusive camera work, this also includes braver ideas regarding new weapons or scout beetles that can be deactivated. Overall, the playful quality is from Monster Hunter: World on a high level. The video game scores above all with numerous convenience functions and unique quest dynamics. Even after many hours of play, there are still enough tasks for the hunter - and if it is only a matter of enhancing his character visually.

Anyone who likes action adventures - and can live with the sometimes idiosyncratic style of the Monster Hunter series - will hear Monster Hunter: World from Capcom presents a video game that will provide great entertainment now and for a few months to come.