The label Giant Roc wants to add two new modules to Origins: Arrive of the Builders with the expansion The Wonders of the World. A corresponding campaign is already running in the game forge.

The builders from the base game are back on Earth and look on with satisfaction at how humans have harnessed the knowledge and technology of the alien benefactors. They want to take the next step in two new modules that can be integrated into the game individually or together.

Complex city building

With the first, each people can build one of a total of eight wonders of the world in their own city, in order to then use a special effect. The second module introduces goals that you score after each round. The number can also be used to adjust the length of the game to your own preferences.

Origins: Rise of the Builders is a complex strategy game in which up to four people want to make their mark on the ancient history of mankind. As archons, they each lead a nation of free citizens, influencing the construction of buildings and monuments, scaling the three mighty zodiac temples and taking part in an arms race.

As of now, the first 70 or so supporters have already taken part. The targeted financing amount of 2.500 euros will soon be reached. The Wonder of the World expansion costs 19 euros, and the add-on and the basic game are bundled for 70 euros. Giant Roc is aiming for delivery in January 2023.

Origins: First Builders, the board game by Adam Kwapiński with illustrations by Zbigniew Umgelter and Aleksander Zawada, has received an average rating of 7.2 on BoardgameGeek. The mechanics of the board game are particularly well received, but the playing time is too long for one or the other fan in the second half of the game.

If you want to expand the game with the new modules or start from scratch, you can still start the project for Origins: The Wonders of the World until September 17th in the game forge support. There you can also secure a copy of the expansion, the basic game and other publisher's titles.

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