The coals are glowing in the game forge, because this week two new campaigns have started. New additions are Tindaya in the German retail version of Taverna Ludica Games and Stress Botics from 2 Tomatoes Games.

With the two newly started campaigns, a total of nine campaigns are now running in the game forge. Five of them have already reached their goal and with the party game Trophies, the sixth campaign is about to reach its goal with over 95 percent. In this word game for 2-30 players you try to name a suitable word from a given category that has to start with a certain letter in front of your fellow players. With another 19 days available and less than 100 euros missing, this campaign should also reach its goal.

Five days before the end of the campaign, the trio of Nano9Games, which were already presented in the last Spieleschmiede update, is still well behind the set goal and is currently only a little more than half financed. A decent final sprint is therefore necessary here in order to make the campaign a success.

Tindaya: Thematic semi-cooperative Eurogame

Three days after the start of the Gamefound campaign for Tindaya, Taverna Ludica Games is now launching the German retail version in the games company. On Gamefound, the funding goal was reached after just 2 hours and 8 minutes. Just a few hours after the start of the campaign, the game smithy has already achieved almost a quarter of its financing goal. Tindaya is currently in the top 5 hottest games on BordGameGeek.

Why is? In Tindaya, 1-4 players face the challenge of leading their tribe and defying the tides, catastrophes and gods. The aim is to survive 3 ages and to respond to the challenges on the constantly changing game board. Invaders have also discovered the island and are threatening your tribe even more. In this constant survival mode, attention must also be paid to sustainable resource exploitation. Those who fail to do so will anger the gods.

Various game modes and difficulty levels are available. You can choose from solo, semi-cooperative (with a traitor who can join the invaders), fully cooperative or competitive, and three difficulty levels.

The thematically immersive gaming experience is now to see the light of day in German with the help of the game company. To Interested parties can support the project from March 2nd and also get the Tindaya miniature box and other Taverna Ludica titles.

Stress Robotics: Stressed Betabots on an Exoplanet

Not only since Disney's WALL-E should it be known that robots can also feel emotions. In this science fiction adventure game from the Spanish publisher 2 Tomatoes Games we control small robots from Cubebotics CORP, called Betabots, and have to mine resources on an exoplanet and deliver them to the ship.

However, this task is not easy. In addition to the bots of the other players, there are also the bots of the enemy company Cylindroids INC. But to our help there is the AlphaBot equipped with a (very) moody AI. This unlocks new mine slots, gives the beta bots more actions and generally makes life easier for them. Unfortunately, the enemy Cylindroids are also after him.

Stress Botics is played over several rounds. Each round, an event takes place and you program actions to interact with the planet's resource-rich areas, with enemies, with the AlphaBot, or with each other. Each has its own robot board, which stores resources in multiple bins of limited size. These resources can be delivered to the passing ships, converted, or spent to improve the robots' abilities. At the end of each turn there is a maintenance phase, during which the enemy Cylindroids are activated. In addition, the beta bots receive advantages or disadvantages (stress) depending on their distance from the alpha bot.

The Stress Botics campaign is also running, backers have already raised a little over 3.000 euros.


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