Under the Giant Roc label, Happyshops started Dávid Turczi's Golden Age expansion for Tawantinsuyu in the game forge as a crowdfunding project. In the meantime, the additional content for the expert game has exceeded the target mark. If the campaign continues to go according to plan, the German version of the board game expansion should be delivered in August 2022. 

Dávid Turczi's worker placement board game with the divine theme is apparently well received by German fans - at least well enough to bring the crowdfunding campaign for the expansion "The Golden Age" above the target of around 5.000 euros in about a week.

The Golden age

Dávid Turczi's expert game Tawantinsuyu puts 1 to 4 people in the realm of the Incas. As is usual in his games, there are numerous paths one can take to follow in the footsteps of the great Pachacuti. Four modules are now added with The Golden Age expansion. You can add them to the game in any way you like. They introduce palaces as a new type of building, two-colored newcomers as characters or new paths where you have to choose one of two options over and over again.

And: Turczi insisted on including an improved and slimmer solo mode in the expansion, which is intended to replace the original one from the base game.

If you are interested in Tawantinsuyu, you can still download the Golden Age project until March 9, 2022 in the game forge support. There you can not only get the new expansion, but also a copy of the basic game if you are completely new to Turczi's Inca Empire. The so-called T-series by Dávid Turczi or Daniele Tascini does quite well in the average ratings. If you look at the Board Game Geek platform, the titles are always in good ranges: Tekhenu (7.9), Teotihuacan (7.9), Tawantinsuyu (7.6).

So far around 170 supporters have been found for the expansion. Together they have raised a sum of currently almost 6.000 euros. The costs are moderate at 27 euros for the extension or 69 euros for the basic game including the extension.


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