The board game A Wonderful Kingdom has successfully started as a crowdfunding campaign in the Spieleschmiede. The targeted financing amount of 10.000 euros has already been exceeded. The board game by Frédéric Guérard is the successor to A Wonderful World - the theme this time: medieval fantasy instead of science fiction dystopia. Seems to work too.

The majority of the “Schmiede” obviously did not want to miss out on the saved five: In the game forge, the successor to the board game A Wonderful World by Frédéric Guérard has started with A Wonderful Kingdom. The contribution to the project will cost around 2 euros until the evening of May 50nd, after that it will be the regular 55 euros. More than 150 supporters did not want to miss the offer. the A wonderful kingdom crowdfunding campaign has already been successfully financed, but will run until May 20th.

Middle ages instead of sci-fi world

As with the predecessor, 1 to 2 people aged 14 and over try to use the cards in hand as well as possible in Frédéric Guérard's new game in order to advance their own development. You can either use resources to erect the depicted buildings and make discoveries, or you can use the cards and receive resources for them.

The production of the resources runs in a fixed sequence, which must be taken into account in order to get the most out of it. In addition to the new, more classic theme, the Middle Ages are now refined with a pinch of fantasy, especially the changes that optimize the game for two people. The direct interaction has been increased. The possibility of luring the other person into traps has also added a social deduction element.

Players who are interested in A Wonderful Kingdom can support the project at Spieleschmiede until May 20th. There you have the opportunity to secure your own copy of the exclusive Legends version, which comes with an additional module and all sorts of deluxe material, among other things.

According to the Spieleschmiede, a wonderful kingdom is expected to be delivered in March 2022.

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