With Roll Camera! Happyshops is bringing a project for a cooperative game on the subject of filmmaking to the game company under the Kobold Spieleverlag brand. 

Filmmaking requires teamwork as your production company is struggling and in desperate need of a win. You as a creative and thoroughly talented team want to join Roll Camera! use this chance and make the big breakthrough with your next film.

roll cam! Just not a movie to forget!

As a team, you have to write a screenplay, draw the storyboard, build film sets, assemble the cast and crew, and edit the ultimate film. Of course you have to stick to the schedule and budget. But that shouldn't be a problem.

The most important prerequisite for the film is that it is not a run-of-the-mill film that is immediately forgotten. If it goes bad, then really bad, so you can poke fun at it and have a good time. The main thing is that the film stands out from the gray crowd.

With a lot of humor, author Malachi Ray Rempen has put all his know-how from the film industry into Roll Camera! let flow in. “Schmiede” who want to convince themselves of this have until March 24th to support the game forge. There are currently almost 200 supporters who have already collected over 6.000 euros.

Other projects that are currently running in the game forge and still need supporters are the two projects presented in the last update tindaya, which is nearly 80 percent funded with five days to go, and Stress Botics, which is 19 percent funded with 56 days to go of the funding period.


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