The German games industry mourns the loss of games journalist Michael “Mick” Schnelle. He died at the age of 58 on the night of July 27-28, 2022.

As a site with a gaming focus, death reports are rare. In this case it is different, because Mick Schnelle, a games journalist, to whom the industry owes a lot has died. Gamestar, PC Player, Gamersglobal, Amiga Joker - they all had it. Now the industry veteran and a pioneer of German games journalism has died at the age of 58 - much too early.

The news came as a surprise. Many found out about it on social media. You unsuspectingly scroll through your timeline, you come across a message that makes you pause, which you can't grasp at first - after all, it was on Mick Schnelle's profile and you were used to some oddities there. No joke, no saying - this message was deadly serious.

If you can write something personal about a person you don't really know personally, it's probably about Michael Schnelle. The grumbler with the eternal opposing opinion; the one who swims against the current; but also the relentless playtester; the games journalist from the very beginning; the editor who, with his style, entertained and informed many of today's "silver gamers" in their youth.

From the family environment, the message reached the public. The experienced video game editor and author died in the night from Wednesday to Thursday. His health has not been good for a long time, Mick Schnell had often written that himself on Facebook. In between then things to smile about, sometimes to annoy - recently things have calmed down in his timeline.

Mick Schnelle started his career in the nineties at Joker-Verlag to work on Amiga Joker and PC Joker. His biggest station was Gamestar, where Schnell was one of the founding editors. Today, what used to be a game paper has become a games machine marketed as Webedia. Mick Schnell's work on the “Spaceship Gamestar” project was legendary – back then, game journalism was still allowed to be informative and at the same time entertaining, even silly. Today that would hardly be conceivable in view of a "performance constraint". So Mick Schnell was a critical journalist and part-time comedian, both roles he filled with passion. Michael Schnell's work has influenced many from the games industry, but also many players - including myself. When he started at Gamestar, I bought the magazine every month on the day of publication "anne Bude", at the kiosk. Not anymore, for many reasons. Also because personalities like Mick Schnelle are still active in the industry, but over the years they have faded and gotten lost in the chaos of journalism, advertising and the pursuit of reach. Schnell will be absent, despite or perhaps because of his contentiousness.

At that time, the magazines were still relevant in order to be able to get an overview of the up-and-coming, rotating industry. Mick Schnell helped unravel the mysteries of the video game cosmos. Thanks are due to him.

Months ago Mick asked which board game we were currently playing. It was The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth at this point. Maybe now you have time to try it, Mick.


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