That children like to play and often play is in the nature of things and is not surprising. In Germany, however, there is now a real gaming boom that affects all generations equally. Board games in particular are enjoying great popularity during the current Corona crisis and provide entertainment in your own four walls. Those who want more thrills and real chances of winning can play for real money at an online casino instead.

That German online casinos in comparison are relatively rare compared to international competition, is due to the restrictive legal situation in this country. An online casino with an EU license from Malta proves to be a good alternative and guarantees maximum gaming fun including real chances of winning. The local gambling halls and casinos are therefore not without alternatives. It is particularly worthwhile to play online at times when it is more important to withdraw to your own four walls. Nobody has to do without gambling and can still stick to the rules.

Sometimes this is how some people discover virtual gambling for themselves. Above all, the variety of providers as well as the large selection of casino games are to be mentioned here. For example, you can choose from the following games in the online casino, conveniently from your home PC or smartphone:

  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Spielautomaten
  • Blackjack
  • Bingo
  • Baccarat
  • Scratch cards

Puzzle and board games are in demand

Games of chance for real money are undoubtedly attractive, but they are not particularly suitable for bridging boredom and spending time together with the family. Puzzles and board games are far better suited to this and are therefore currently in great demand. So is often done by one significant increase in sales of parlor games reported.

Many families rediscover playing together or find pleasure in doing puzzles together. The result is a real gaming boom that ensures more family time and is therefore good for all families. Children, parents and possibly grandparents can find each other by playing together and escape the otherwise omnipresent stress that leaves little time for board games. In competition with a wide variety of leisure activities, puzzles and board games sometimes appear a bit old-fashioned and sometimes end up in the closet unused unless they are left directly in the shop.

Real classics are also increasingly landing on the tables.

Real classics are also increasingly landing on the tables.

Everyday life has changed dramatically for many people in the past few months. Well-tried board games can provide variety and entertainment here, and they also give people the opportunity to ignore everyday worries. While many areas of life are now affected by digitization, the good old board game is still analog. Here you can dive into other worlds and lose yourself in the game.

The social component of gaming must also not be ignored and is more important than ever today. Together with the family or other people close to you, you can live out your own instinct to play and enjoy the small successes. If you like it more relaxed, you can devote yourself to a puzzle and enjoy a beautiful motif that gradually emerges in front of you.

Games industry as the winner of the crisis

While many industries are suffering massively from the Corona crisis and the associated state-prescribed measures and are slipping into bankruptcy in rows, the games industry is experiencing the opposite development. Staying at home is currently the motto, while at the same time a significant reduction in contacts is sought in order to reduce the spread of Covid-19. As a result, families are increasingly keeping to themselves and looking for employment.

Adults can enjoy casino games while children and teenagers love video games. Board games bring the whole family together and provide variety and entertainment in everyday life. The whole Games industry is booming in the pandemic and is therefore a real winner in the crisis.