In October, SPIEL'6 takes place in Essen from the 9th to the 22th of the month: There is a lot of information in the run-up to the games fair - and now visitors can also use the game guide and smartphone app to prepare for the event.  

The SPIEL'22 app from Eyeled GmbH is available in the two major stores: fans can download the smart program for Android devices and Apple iOS

SPIEL in Essen: Official app available

Filtering out personal highlights from around 1.800 new products is anything but easy – after all, fans still have around three weeks to prepare. With the now published application for smartphones and tablets, this should be much easier. The alphabetically arranged lists of the new board games of the season and the exhibitors can be searched through by touch much faster than on the home PC - there is also a search function, filters and the option of marking favorites and calling them up separately. 

There is rudimentary information available about the games: the number of players, for example, as well as the recommended age, price and author. Of course, the publisher is also named, in this case also with the specification of the location at the games fair in Essen. Finding your way around the halls should be a lot easier, at least if you know what you're looking for. The filter can be set according to age, price or hall. There is no search for the board game genre or a core mechanism - here you still have to do your own research to determine the favourites.

The search for board games in the app works in a similar way: it is text-sensitive, so it reacts, for example, to the names of the board games or to fragments of them, but not to genre entries. Nevertheless, the SPIEL'22 app is always good for getting a quick overview, looking for a publisher and remembering a game. There is also a hall plan and information about promotions, tickets or opening times. 

If you prefer to rely on the tried and tested, you can use the guide to the International Match Days again this year, either as a physical copy or as a text file in PDF format. Also the GAME Guide is now available.

Information and background information about SPIEL'22 in Essen is always available at or on the Friedhelm-Merz-Verlag website:

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