At SPIEL'16 we not only played board games, but also used the opportunity to chat with representatives of the publishing house. In long discussions it became clear that even the small and medium-sized game makers are not resting on their previous successes, but are actively promoting the development of new concepts.

… Manfred Lamplmair from Rudy Games

Manfred Lamplmair is CEO of rudy Games, a game developer with European headquarters in Linz. The Austrians have made it their business to develop games of the future. Rudy Games consciously relies on the combination of classic board game elements and the support of digital technologies. At SPIEL'16, rudy Games was mainly with the board game Leaders - a combined game represent (Review of Leaders). However, the new project was also teased Interaction - a combined gamethat will touch the area of ​​so-called social board gaming. The gaming tables at booth 3-O116 were always full. A reservation list helped the rudy Games team to systematically allocate at least half of the board games. In an open discussion, Manfred Lamplmair revealed that rudy Games will continue to adhere to small and large innovations in the future - even if hybrid games wrongly have to fight their bad reputation in the digital age. The future of Leaders - a combined game Seems secure if you look at the number of interested players.     

SPIEL'16 stand visits: Spielpunkt in conversation with...
SPIEL'16 stand visits: Spielpunkt in conversation with…

Two new enhancements too Leaders - a combined game rudy Games presented at SPIEL'16: The extension Rising Sun, which makes Japan available as a playable nation and lets players slip into the role of Tennō Hirohito. The Japanese use kamikaze pilots as a special skill. In addition, with Eva Peron, the first female leader will be eligible for election if one opts for the extension El tango diplomacia decides. Manfred Lamplmair was particularly enthusiastic about this novelty: "We are proud to have integrated Eva Peron, the first female leader, into Leaders. ” With the introduction of Argentina as a game faction, trade boycotts are now a strategically important game element. "The community has long wanted a female leader“, Says Lamplmair. Let it be "It wasn't that easy to find a suitable candidate who fits the game".

The search was worth it. With María Eva Duarte de Perón, the Austrians have included a particularly charismatic character in the game. The First Lady of the two-time President Juan Perón wins "Allies alone with their charm". The fair is a complete success for rudy Games. When asked about the remaining game balance, Lamplmair said: “We learned from the past and produced enough games. ” That this was necessary was shown by the numerous sales that went over the exhibitor's table during the conversation. In addition to new expansions, community events in particular are planned for the future. "We want to hold leaders tournaments next year“, Prophesied Manfred Lamplmair, referring to the need to expand the stand. "Twice as big”Must become the exhibition area for rudy games in order to be able to organize a possible tournament. For Manfred Lamplmair, the fact that digital technologies will also be used to make the game exciting is an integral part of the plan and not a special feature - at least not for rudy Games. Even if so many critics Leaders - a combined game as a mere risk clone, there is more than a copied game idea behind the overall concept of the combined games. Lamplmair presented the current project in an almost visionary manner Interaction - a combined game. The game is "a family game that changes depending on the location“That's how Lamplmair wrote the innovative title in one sentence. Player social data such as interests, place of residence and even social relationships are the main components of the hybrid game, which will also run with the support of an app. "Access to data from Facebook profiles is not mandatory. This does not have to be used by the players“, Replied Manfred Lamplmair when asked about possible criticism of the use of profile data from the social network. It's good that rudy Games has always stuck to the idea of ​​so-called combined games - even in times when hybrid games were decried as mere gimmicks rather than games. In any case, this persistence has paid off for the Austrians.  

… The Loth family from Mogel Verlag

Jürgen and Michael Loth were available for the conversation at the booth of Mogel Verlag from Rhede in Emsland. The Emsländer reported informally about their family publishing house, which was only founded this year. While Jürgen Loth is responsible for trade and sales, his brother Michael takes care of game development as the creative head. The oldest work Pearl diving the Lower Saxony presented a publisher, which rejected the title at the time, however, because "The presentation and rules were not yet fully developed, ”says Michael Loth. Around "To stay as free as possible in the development ”the family from the Emsland then quickly founded their own publishing house. With a smile, Michale Loth added that the family consisted of so many people that one "can easily do the whole thing yourself. ” The core team at Mogel Verlag consists of a total of five people. Gerrit, Jörn and mother Loth should be mentioned here, who make a decisive contribution to the current success of the publishing project. The organization of the entire publishing industry is running at full speed, albeit at half speed - at least if you use part-time work as a benchmark. "The team members meet every two weeks and report on what was done during this time, ”said Jürgen Loth, only to add directly that“all decisions are made together. " It's nice when the development of parlor games can also be successful in such a familiar setting. Balancing main job and publishing work works well if you listen to Michale Loth, who works as an art teacher in addition to game development. Good planning is still a prerequisite for coping with the tasks ahead. Behind the designs of the card games Pearl diving, Willi Word Worm and Animal Threatened! There is more to it than an art layman would suspect at first glance. While Willi Word Worm and Pearl diving primarily appeals to children "behind the presentation of animal threatened! a completely different romance that should convey a feeling ”, explained Michael Loth from the point of view of an art teacher.

SPIEL'16 stand visits: Spielpunkt in conversation with...

Quality management also takes place in the Loth family in the kitchen, if there "sit a team that goes through the games ”, says Jürgen Loth. In any case, there is enough space in the parental home in the country. What is astonishing at first, turns out on closer inspection to be a tried and tested means to achieve maximum creativity in the development of new game concepts. Business economists would describe such processes as real benefits in a company: “Short decision-making paths” is then the magic term. Criticism is taken as motivation within the family, even when using harsh language. The brothers, who are also friends and spent their youth together in a circle of friends, just know how they "have to take each other“, Said Jürgen Loth, referring to the immense productivity that it achieves. When developing new games, it helps that the Loth family acquire board games in a completely different way than intended by the rule makers. Using house rules when playing games is particularly important when it comes to Jürgen Loth's favorite game Scrabble a real guarantee of fun. Spontaneous play activities on car journeys, during which shared family experiences are recalled, also go well with this. The Loth family can be described as enthusiastic about games, even if they "do not know all the new titles that appear on the market. ” You can't and you don't have to, because in the end it all comes down to playing what you like. It is known within the family "Cola dilemma“, Says Michael Loth. A question about the exact circumstances would have been more than appropriate at this point. Especially with the card game Willi Word Worm According to Jürgen Loth's remarks, one can see what defines Mogel Verlag: "We bring something into the games that affects us. It's about taking a closer look at the term cheating. The players are forced to expand the rules as far as they can.In fact: using Willi Wortwurm as an example, this idea makes perfect sense to eliminate possible “word-finding disorders”. 

As people who are close to nature, the Loths also want to convey messages with their games. So is the card game above all Animal Threatened! a form of criticism - also in the sense of a call to get involved in animal welfare. "The rules say that it shouldn't just be about playing", Stated Jürgen Loth, followed by short passages from the rules of Animal Threatened! and Pearl diving to quote.

More card games are already being developed for the future, at least one of which is so good that it will be released. When asked about the topic of the next card game, Michael Loth answered briefly: “It's about knights. ” Sounds like a child-friendly theme for a card game. Overall, Mogel Verlag should continue to "definitely continue as a family project", Said Jürgen Loth with conviction, although one"can never know what will be next. As a publisher, the Loths have also received game ideas from private individuals, but so far no concrete plans for the implementation of game concepts outside the family. Jürgen Loth is "for your own games“, But admits that this opinion could also change. 

The team at Mogel Verlag consists of real doers who have even taken the trouble to build their own exhibition stand. "Jörn only sanded for 12 hours“, Says Jürgen Loth. Simple "so that nothing is taken away from you", Added Michael Loth. What was meant was wood splinters in the fingers. The attention to detail that the Loth family shows is impressively professional for a newcomer to the publishing industry. The visitors to SPIEL'16 liked Mogel Verlag's stand so much that numerous players liked to stop for a game of cards. Only English customers are a bit of a challenge. There will be enough time until SPIEL'17 to improve your English skills.