Star Wars isn't just a lively theme for fans. At least since the Disney group took over LucasArts in 2012, Star Wars has been on everyone's lips. Not only film fans and bookworms benefit from the ongoing hype about the galaxy far, far away, board players are also regularly looking forward to new releases from the Star Wars universe. SPIEL'16 offers all those fans who are looking for new board games from this very universe devised by George Lucas. From October 13th to 16th, the motto will be again this year: May the force be with you.

Star Wars at Asmodee Germany: Dobble Star Wars

SPIEL'16 in Essen: The novelties for Star Wars fans

Asmodee has a Star Wars game in their luggage that will especially delight fans of fast reaction games: Double Star Wars. The basic idea of ​​the entertaining card game is unchanged. Instead of colorful everyday symbols, sets Double Star Wars on the other hand, on images from the Star Wars universe. What is an easy game for fans can be a big challenge, especially for non-fans. In short, enormously interactive game rounds, the player with the best observation and ability to react wins at the end of the day. Different game variants also ensure good entertainment in the medium term, so Double Star Wars is one of those typical “in-between games” that one often and gladly takes off the shelf for just a few game rounds. The larger the group of players, the higher the luck factor with the novelty Double Star Wars, because where many heads are smoking, in the end often the player who has focused on the correct symbol at the start of the round wins. Presentation and game material correspond 1: 1 to the predecessor - with the difference that Double Star Wars naturally comes with an absolute Star Wars look. It looks good, appeals to fans of the brand and is a great alternative to otherwise leisurely card games. 2 to 8 players, ages six and up, have a lot of fun with the fast track by author Denis Bianchot. At SPIEL'16 you can see the novelty Dobble Star Wars Try it yourself at the Asmodee stand (Halls 1, 3 and 7).  

Galactic fun with Ravensburger

Ravensburger is also inviting Sci-Fantasy to exciting games in the world of Master Yoga, Darth Vader and Han Solo at SPIEL'16 in Essen. Youngsters immerse themselves in the world of the latest Episode VII and experience the awakening of power with the help of the new tape from the series tiptoi® Star Wars ™. And because the youngest padawans are not that skilled with the lightsaber, they use the familiar orange plastic pencil instead. The title conveys knowledge about the beginning of the new Star Wars trilogy in a child-friendly manner. The game, on the other hand, is a little more active Star Wars - The great lightsaber duel to. This gives the term “knocking cards” a completely new meaning, especially since in this Star Wars card game speed is what counts for the most part. The game material with glowing lightsabers and the typical Star Wars sound creates the right atmosphere. You can try out the two titles at SPIEL'16 at the Ravensburger stand in Hall 3, Stand 3-H110. If you arrive by car, program your navigation device on Norbertstraße 2 in 45131 Essen and get there via the A42, A40, A52 motorways as well as A3 directly to the exhibition center. Since the city of Essen has been an environmental zone since 2014, entry is only permitted with a valid sticker. For cars without an environmental badge, however, there are alternative entrances via the A52 with the Essen-Rüttenscheid and Essen-Haarzopf junction. These alternative routes are here shown. The parking lot situation at Messe Essen is good, but there are considerable waiting phases at peak times. The exhibition car parks P1, P2, P5, P6 and P9 are signposted and on this Website clearly presented. Accommodation: Find the right hotel

Carcassonne Star Wars at Hans im Glück

SPIEL'16 in Essen: The novelties for Star Wars fans

The shock of power can be felt in the Bavarian capital Munich. Hans im Glück Verlag presents the first board game expansion in Essen in October Carcassonne - Star Wars Edition, which takes the idea of ​​the popular board game into space. Admittedly, critics were not completely convinced with the implementation of the game concept by Klaus-Jürgen Wrede. Nevertheless, the Star Wars offshoot of Carcassonne has been a welcome change, especially for fans of the franchise, and the fact that an expansion has been released shows that the idea seems to be well received by the players. The great basic concept of Carcassonne remains untouched. On closer inspection it is Carcassonne - Star Wars Edition however, not only a visually adapted variant, but also includes minor changes in the course of the game. Because a Star Wars game without fights is hardly conceivable, fights will also take place in the otherwise peaceful galaxy “Carcassonne” as soon as two meeples of warring factions meet. The duels do not offer tactical highlights, it is simply thrown out who wins and is allowed to collect extra points. The size of the meeples determines their fighting strength and thus the number of dice that can be used.

The first expansion to the board game Carcassonne - Star Wars Edition introduces further new game elements and enables a sixth player to participate in the game. From now on 2 to 6 players, ages 7+, can conquer asteroid belts, trade routes and planets. The introduction of the 12 equipment tokens is really exciting. At the beginning of the game, each player receives two equipment tokens, each with a lightsaber and a blaster, which can be placed in the hands of his meeples. The lightsaber grants a bonus on the die roll (value +1), the blaster grants a roll with the yellow special die, which replaces a normal die. If you don't even know Carcassonne - Star Wars or would like to try out the new expansion, you can do so at the SPIEL'16 at the Hans im Glück Verlag at booths 3-B113 and 7-A113. 

Demanding strategy at Heidelberger Spieleverlag

SPIEL'16 in Essen: The novelties for Star Wars fans
SPIEL'16 in Essen: The novelties for Star Wars fans

Board game Star Wars fans call the strategy game Star Wars - Rebellion from Heidelberger Spieleverlag her own. Anyone who has been deterred by the comparatively high purchase price so far will have the opportunity to try out this strategic heavyweight at SPIEL'16. A detailed review too Star Wars - Rebellion over here . In the best 4X fashion you fight on the side of the galactic empire or the rebel alliance for supremacy in the galaxy. Thanks to an asynchronous game principle, each faction follows its own game tactics in order to achieve the respective victory conditions. While the empire spreads fear and terror in the universe with enormous military harshness, the rebels rely on hidden maneuvers and guerrilla tactics. As you are used to from Fantasy Flight Games or the Heidelberger Spieleverlag, one of the highlights, in addition to the game principle, is the successful visual presentation. The game material is not only a feast for the eyes for Star Wars fans and turns your gaming table into a gigantic game galaxy in which striking characters such as Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia guide the fate of their factions through your hands. A perfect Star Wars atmosphere that you can immerse yourself in at SPIEL'16 at booth 1-A101.    

New to the Star Wars games: Star Wars Destiny

SPIEL'16 in Essen: The novelties for Star Wars fans

And they do exist, the real novelties among the Star Wars board games. Fantasy Flight Games and the Heidelberger Spieleverlag appeal to your passion for collecting and bring you along Star Wars - Destiny a new game on the market that bridges the gap between a dice game and a card game. As usual with Trading Card Games, the entry into the collecting game begins with a starter set. At the beginning you can choose between the Rey Starter Set and the Kylo Ren Starter Set. The game material is then expanded by purchasing so-called booster packs, each containing five cards and a premium dice. As the Star Wars trilogy progresses, fans can look forward to new releases Star Wars - Destiny be happy. In a playful way, Corey Konieczka and Lukas Litzsinger's idea is based on fast duel action, in which the fights are fought with the help of alternating game actions. The basic principles of well-known trading card games are used in Star Wars - Destiny expanded by lucky dice rolls. The dice grant the players various bonuses as well as offensive and defensive maneuvers, which must then be used skillfully against your opponents. The simple concept of actions and reactions will hopefully create an exciting game flow so that Star Wars - Destiny will certainly not only be worthwhile for real collectors. At the booth of the Heidelberger Spieleverlag you can test a few rounds of this real novelty among the Star Wars games at SPIEL'16.