The world's largest trade fair for board games, SPIEL Essen, is moving into the future with a new logo. It's fresher, more modern, while still staying true to its origins. The tangram shape and the well-known color combination make board game fans immediately think of SPIEL, their experiences and the many game innovations at the fair.

The new dynamic and fresh colors of the logo stand for the way into the future that Merz Verlag, as the organizer of SPIEL, wants to take with the fans. At the same time, the new SPIEL Essen logo is a clear commitment to the city in the Ruhr area, where the trade fair has been taking place for 40 years.

"It was important to us to transport the SPIEL logo into the 21st century, while keeping what makes it special and reminds many people of the wonderful experiences we had with them," says Carol Rapp, Managing Director of Merz Verlag. “At the same time, we wanted to take steps into the future with the logo, which we will also be taking at the event. This includes new hall concepts, the expansion of the app and much more that we would like to tackle in the coming years. Despite all the innovations, we will never shake one thing, the core of SPIEL – playing together and enjoying the game.”

Another new feature is that the name of the city of Essen is directly linked to SPIEL in the logo. A logical connection for Rapp: "Many visitors and exhibitors, especially our international guests, often say 'See you in Essen.' or 'See you at Essen.' and they mean the SPIEL. The SPIEL is food and food is the SPIEL. We wanted to show this bond and are also working together with the city to interlink SPIEL and Essen even more.”

Another step into the future is the new SPIEL Essen website, which will go online on May 15th. Here, too, contemporary design and the connection to play can be seen. "We're all gamers ourselves and didn't want a completely clean business site," says Rapp. “Our online presence should be playful and fun, but still clear, concise and modern. We are very pleased to be taking SPIEL Essen online into the future with the new site.” Not all areas of the site will be filled at the start, as much of the content, such as a list of new products or hall plans, will only be available later. The page will gradually be filled with more content, so that visitors to the website will always be discovering new things until shortly before SPIEL.

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