Pegasus Spiele is also knitting its program for around its partner publishers: There will be game options, Let's plays or talk sessions for board games from Deep Print Games, Frosted Games, Edition Spielwiese and Hall Games. There will also be offers for players who sense the opportunity for a bargain hunt at a trade fair. 

Pegasus Spiele is involved in the first digital implementation of SPIEL from October 22nd to 25th. To this end, the publisher has put together a colorful program with a different focus every day. Pegasus is launching with over 70 new products, most of them board and card games. At the digital exhibition stand, numerous titles can be played on digital gaming tables on all days of the exhibition, game explanations convey the rules and ensure a quick start.

From Thursday to Sunday there is a live stream from the Pegasus games studio. A different partner publisher will take center stage every day. The newly founded publisher Deep Print Games will start on Thursday. On Friday the focus will be on the Edition Spielwiese, on Saturday Hall Games and on Sunday Frosted Games. In addition to Let's Play rounds on the innovations of the respective partners as well as interviews, there will be further live game rounds on Pegasus games novelties every day. At the Pegasus games sales show Zock and Roll, players can gamble and roll the dice for bargains twice a day. The schedule and the live stream itself can be found at

Trade fair offers at Pegasus

Bonfire by Stefan Feld is one of the new products from Pegasus. Image: Publisher

Bonfire by Stefan Feld is one of the new products from Pegasus. Image: Publisher

In addition, numerous trade fair offers await visitors. As of now, numerous remaining stock items will be available in the Pegasus Games Shop with discounts of up to 80 percent. Pegasus Digital also offers a 25 percent discount on many PDFs and a 20 percent discount on the new English-language role-playing game system Talisman Adventures RPG. The basic rules for the role-playing system Cthulhu and Shadowrun are also available free of charge as PDF downloads during the trade fair.

In addition, trade fair visitors have the chance to take part in the Pegasus game quiz to win a ten percent discount voucher that can be redeemed on items that can be delivered and are not price-linked. To do this, they have to correctly answer three questions about Pegasus games at Discord by the end of the fair. The publisher offers the quiz via Discord. All participants in the customer survey also have the chance to win one of three surprise packages worth at least 200 euros.

Everyone who wants to enjoy some art in addition to games can now visit Artist Alley. There, works by various game illustrators can be viewed in virtual exhibitions.

In addition to digital gaming tables with game explaners, a customer survey and a quiz with a chance to win, an artist alley and great offers in the Pegasus Games Shop, there will also be a live stream from the Pegasus Games Studio on all four days of the fair. Interested parties can look forward to let's play and talk sessions, interviews with partners and the Pegasus games sales show Zock and Roll. An overview of all campaigns and events can be found on the landing page:

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Pegasus Games 55141G - Bonfire (Hall Games) Pegasus Games 55141G - Bonfire (Hall Games) * Currently no reviews 25,30 EUR

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