Innovations are not uncommon at Pegasus. It takes something special to stand out among the many titles. That seems to be the case with the recently announced game. Now it becomes clear what is behind the very present advertising slogan.

"Join the IPA": This slogan could be read again and again as advertising on many social media channels. Now Pegasus has announced a space adventure game that includes this saying. The "cooperative action game" is expected to be available at SPIEL 2022.

Spaceship Unity - fun throughout the home

The players are recruits of the IPA (interplanetary alliance). A total of five episodes Spaceship Unity – Season 1.1. This is about nothing less than galactic peace. Unfortunately, the game ends ended up on Unity. This spaceship isn't exactly brand new anymore. The rickety nature of the aircraft creates all sorts of additional challenges.

Unlike classic board games, the players sit by Spaceship Unity not just at the table. The entire apartment becomes a spaceship. Everyday objects become jump drives, protective shields or supply shafts. The story of the novelty extends over five episodes, which in turn are divided into smaller chapters. There is no definite winning or losing. Nevertheless, the results of each round have far-reaching effects on the progression of the story. The team's performance determines which chapter continues, so that all chapters can never be reached in one go. Since no game material is destroyed, the campaign can be started as often as you like and everything can be discovered.

The Unity crew consists of 2-4 people aged 10 and over and a flight lasts between 60 and 120 minutes. A continuation of the story with Season 1.2 has already been announced, which is scheduled for release in 2023.

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