Just in time for SPIEL 2022, the cooperative action game Spaceship Unity has now been released by Pegasus Spiele. The central element is a story that develops over five episodes - similar to a small television series.

Quite a few players had an ominous postcard in their mailbox with the request “Join the IPA!”. What this was all about remained unclear at first.

Newcomers to the Interplanetary Alliance

It is now clear: IPA stands for the "Interplanetary Alliance" and the new release Spaceship Unity that is now available. Because two to four players from the age of ten slip into the role of newcomers at the IPA. The first assignment: A boring observation mission – which turns out to be more exciting than expected.

The author duo Jens Merkl and Ulrich Blum developed the family game in such a way that it runs over five episodes. The game is story-driven and it's not about victory points, it's about doing as well as possible. There is a maximum possible number of attempts for certain actions, but the story continues, like real life, “one way or the other”.

A special feature of Spaceship Unity is that physical effort is required here. The players do not sit comfortably at the gaming table, but use the entire apartment.

An example: The roller shutters are used when protective shields are activated and the vacuum cleaner in turn acts as a jump drive. If the required items are not available in the household, they can be replaced by a backup system.

Spaceship Unity is anything but standard - which is also reflected in the fact that all chapters are never played in each episode. Depending on the performance of the players, the game continues with different chapters. This promotes replay - especially since no material is destroyed. The innovative new release is suitable for two to four players aged ten and over.

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