The publisher Upper Deck is launching a new card game based on Space Jam: "Space Jam - Serververse Showdown" is aimed at 2 to 6 people. Players must try to build a basketball team to escape the serververse.

Card game fans in this country know the Upper Deck Company primarily from trading card games such as those from World of Warcraft or Legendary. With Space Jam - Serververse Showdown, they want to launch a new card game based on Space Jam and thus somewhere between the Looney Tunes and real basketball in the coming month.

"Hacked": Cards change the rules

Players must use their cards to build a basketball roster strong enough to win a game of ball sports. This is how they can escape from the serververse. To do this, it is necessary to expand combinations of cards in order to score points or to send the opponent's teams to the bench. The card type "Hacked" should provide excitement. It can confuse the rules and victory conditions.

Space Jam - Serververse Showdown is a bit of a brand revival again. Most recently, Space Jam: A New Legacy, a sequel to the original film starring basketball legend Michael Jordan. However, the former Bulls star was no longer the focus: LeBron James took over this role instead. Neither fans nor critics really warmed to the new edition - the film certainly didn't match the quality of the original. But that's not all: the title won three Golden Raspberries - in the "Razzie categories: categories "Worst film", "Worst actor" and "Worst screen combination".

So the omens are not good, at least for the brand, but the card game, which costs around 26 euros and is available in English, could still be of interest to fans. Incidentally, in the end only one of the up to six players wins: the one with the most points.

Space Jam: Serververse Showdown is scheduled for release on December 16, 2022; The first shops in this country indicate that the card game will be available from January 2023.



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