Sony has announced that it plans to bring more Playstation titles to its PC first. Sony wants to build on the success of the Horizon Zero Dawn port. The first candidates to consider could be God of War and The Last of Us 2.

After the PC was halved as a pure gaming platform a few years ago, more and more developer studios and publishers are considering bringing their originally exclusive console titles to PC home. Microsoft, for example, announced some time ago that all Xbox titles will find a PC way too. Now that Sony released Horizon Zero Dawn on its PC a few weeks ago, it might kind of overturn here in the future.

More first-part titles in the pipeline

The latest financial report shows that Sony has title other PC ports by first-part. To explain: The first part titles are games that Sony developed or published exclusively for Playstation consoles. Of course, it is not yet clear what exactly the titles are. For example, it is conceivable that future versions will simply appear for the PC.

God of War and The Last of Us 2 are possible candidates for the PC ports of the previous games. At the beginning of this year Naughty Dog was looking for a programmer with experience in directX12, Vulkan and Nvidia GPU. Cory Barlog, who is in charge of God of War, also noted last year that he'd love to see a PC version.
The Last of Us 2: Loved by some, hated by some - sometimes even beyond what's understandable. Working with its content was "reason enough" for open hostility for some players.

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In addition to plans for further ports, Sony apparently also plans to supplement the previous first-party studios. In addition, one would like to “develop more exclusive games” and expand the topic of virtual reality.