Sanctum was released last year and is an adventure game for two to four players inspired by hack & slash titles like Diablo. In July, Czech Games Edition released a solo version of their game Adrenalin. Heidelbär has made both solo versions available as free downloads.

In Filip Neduk's Sanctum, players fight their way through hordes of monsters to fulfill the prophecy and, in the finale, to scare the demon lord. Sanctum is not a cooperative game in which a team of adventurers work together to defeat the ruler of the underworld. Instead, they first fight their way through the Lord of Demons together, but in the finale there can only be one chosen one who opposes the demon lord.

Slaughter demons in Sanctum - now also solo

The base game was received with mixed feelings by critics and players. The final in particular was often criticized. At the same time, there was a lot of praise for the atmosphere.

Solo versions by fans have long enjoyed great popularity on BoardGameGeek. This year, many publishers jumped on the bandwagon and released solo versions of games in their portfolios. On the page from Asmodee, for example Carcassonne Solo Rules, Hadara or Stone Age.

For the solo version by Filip Murmak, the players do not need any additional material. With a few exceptions, the setup for the solo game corresponds to the game with two players. Depending on one of the four levels of difficulty, a certain number of Frenzy and Demon Lord Cards are used. There are also only a few changes in the course of the game. Whoever survives the final and defeats the demon lord has won the solo game.

You can download the free solo version of Sanctum from the Heidelbär Games website here..

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