Godot Games has launched a new crowdfunding social deduction board game, Among Cultists. The campaign on Kickstarter reached its funding goal within minutes. 

After the Kickstarter successes surrounding Human Punishment, the publisher Goot Games has managed another coup: The board game Among Cultists, which is also based on a social deduction concept, has got off to a great start. For the crowdfunding campaign, the makers had set an amount of 19.000 euros as the financing goal - this has long been exceeded.

Among Cultists through after twelve minutes

After twelve minutes, the Among Cultists Kickstarter project was already there - this information is now prominently displayed on the campaign page. Godot Games had been beating the advertising drum for many weeks beforehand. With success, as it now turns out. until Crowdfunding starts on February 3rd, for which over 6.000 fans have expressed interest in advance. Almost ten percent of them have already signaled their financial support and invested an amount of 50 or 94 euros or at least secured access to the pledge manager with a one-euro contribution. 

The success was predictable given the early praise. Not much should go wrong now. The mixture of the video game idea Among Us and the Cthulhu Mythos is well received. For the "Murders" the makers have even thought of a trick that makes the board game special - the "Six Sense Phenomenon". 

The Lovecraft theme certainly helps get the Among Cultists crowdfunding campaign off to a good start. If everything goes smoothly, the board game should be delivered in September 2023. The board game is aimed at four to eight players.

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