Big Potato Games says they make games that are easy to learn but impossible to put down. In this series I present two games from the publisher: Herdentier and Snakesss. 

As a party quiz title, Snakesss is designed for fast-paced fun. Simple optics, catchy rules and short playing times are the central elements of this game, which also comes from the publisher Big Potato Games. They had previously too herd animal brought on the market.

Snakesss - wrong answer quiz game 

Snakesss is a party game for 4-8 players aged 12 and up. A game is played over 6 rounds and lasts about 30 minutes. Even though Snakesss is a quiz game, it's still different from ordinary quiz games because you can't trust all of them; some guess with you and some just want to lead you astray.

Snakesss Materials, Mongoose Figurine, Character Tile, Answer Token

Determined before the game, a person who moderates the game. Don't worry, the person plays along normally, but they take care of the flow. The rounds always proceed as follows:

  1. draw a character board.
  2. read question
  3. The snakes see the answer
  4. Start the 2 minute timer and think about it together
  5. Place answer tiles face down and reveal them together
  6. Distribute points and put back character boards

Now the individual phases in more detail (don't worry, the rules are really very simple):

1) Depending on the number of people, shuffle the character boards. In a four-player game, you play with 1 normal human, 1 snakes and 2 mongoose. In a six-player game, for example, you play with 3 people, XNUMX snakes and a mongoose. The teams are always about the same size. Exactly what I mean by teams will become clearer in a moment. But you don't have a permanent team.
The person who the mongoose plays directly takes the Figure, so that it can be seen by all.

2) The moderator draws a question card and reads them out.

Two question cards from the game Snakesss

3) Then she holds the card in the middle of the table and People close their eyes. On command, the snakes open their eyes and the moderator turns the card over. The answer is on the back; the snakes thus know what the correct answer is. After another command, the snakes close their eyes again and the card is turned over again.

4) As soon as everyone has their eyes open again, you start a 2-minute timer and can puzzle over the answer together. Now the respective character roles become active.

Normal people are normal people. That means they try to find the right answer. If you know the answer, try to convince the others of the correct answer.

The snakes know the answer and try to trick the others into giving the wrong answer as many people as possible.  

The mongoose tries to find the right answer like people. The only difference is that everyone knows that the mongoose is not a snake; she tries not to tempt you to give a wrong answer. 

5) When the 2 minutes are up, each person chooses an answer marker. The snakes choose the snake token, after all they know the answer.

6) Now there are points:

Humans and mongooses: If you guessed correctly, you get one point for each correct answer (including the other correct answers). If you guessed wrong, you don't get any points.

Snakes: You get one point for each wrong answer.

Then everyone gives back their character board and you shuffle it. Then you start again with step 1.

The game ends after six rounds and you add up the points. 


120 cards
8 character cards
32 response tokens (A,B,C, snake)
1 mongoose figure
1 score sheet

Opinion on the game:

Snakesss is a fun trivia game with a difference. Whether you want to know the correct answer or not depends heavily on your role. The distribution of the roles and the closing and opening of the eyes is somewhat reminiscent of games such as Werewolves of Mirkwood.

At first glance, the snakes have a difficult task, because you have to put people on the wrong track and of course not attract attention. However, it can also be very relaxed for the snakes in some rounds. This is always the case when people themselves prefer the wrong answer. However, if the snakes then stay completely out of the discussion, that is again suspicious. 
So you have to find a good middle ground.

In a few rounds, individuals actually knew the answer beforehand. That doesn't necessarily have to be a problem though, just because someone says they know the answer doesn't mean they aren't just a snake. 

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