The video game classic Snake is to be implemented as a board game. The Dutchman Maarten Krijgsman had the idea, which he now wants to finance himself through crowdfunding. A corresponding Kickstarter campaign is in progress and should go online on September 21st. 

You have to go back a long way in time to be able to fathom the beginnings of the video game classic Snake - back then, that was in 1978, the “Snake Game” appeared under the title Worm programmed on the TRS-80 microcomputer. About a year later, a similar early version of Snake was developed for the Hyper-Worm system.

Snake as a board game ?!

Decades later, Snake is still around: the gameplay is unchanged, the graphics almost. Even today, Snake can be found in the video game segment, modernized, but still more to be understood as a souvenir of earlier times. As simple as the game is today as it was back then, quite a few adults now associate the title with memories - of their first cell phone, for example. Snake was a big hit for Nokia in the nineties. The game was preinstalled from the factory. There were always new versions of Snake, sometimes prettier, sometimes more challenging, sometimes under a different name - but Snake was always unmistakably Snake.

Now the classic could face a revival, but in an analogue form. Snake is now to be implemented as a board game, according to the idea of ​​the designer Maarten Krijgsman, who teamed up with the illustrator Anica Smiljkovic for the visual design. The idea remains the same: As snakes, players eat points and get longer and longer. Two, three or four players can take part. The movement system is the main attraction of the game: the back of the snake moves towards the head with every move, so “Snake” moves across the board in search of points. With every little point eaten, the body gets longer, players have to plan more foresight - until they finally succeed in blocking or even biting the opponent (s).

Snake - The Board game is an entertaining tactical skirmish with a manageable playing time. What the board game does well is to capture nostalgia. As a board game, Snake feels at least something like the video game it did more than 40 years ago.

The board game is to be financed by crowdfunding via Kickstarter. The campaign runs from September 21st. Development and publication are self-published, and there is currently no major publisher behind the board game - it's a project that captures the original spirit of the Kickstarter platform. By the way, if you want, you can try an online demo:

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