The new logos of the toy retailer Smyths Toys had long been emblazoned above the entrances to the former Toys'r'Us branches. Now, last Saturday, March 30, 2019, the Irish company celebrated the launch of the Smyths Toys brand in the DACH region with a large welcome party. Together with the partners LEGO, Mattel, Ravensburger, Hasbro, Rubies, Playmobil, Spin Master and SuperRTL, every Smyths Toys Superstore became a playground with various play stations and a large competition. The era of Toys'r'Us is finally over.

The world as a playground

Even before the first confetti strips flew through the air at the welcome parties taking place nationwide (and also in Austria and Switzerland), the toy giant “Smyths Toys” had advertised the corporate brand with the help of TV spots. The fact that Smyths Toys has replaced Toys'r'Us did not go unnoticed by customers - but for the Irish toy company it is now a question of becoming a fixture in retail in the DA-CH region, just like Toys'r 'Us has been at its best.

Darth Vader was just one of the "guests of honor" at the Smyths Toys welcome party. Photo: André Volkmann
Darth Vader was just one of the “guests of honor” at the Smyths Toys welcome party. Photo: André Volkmann

True to the motto “Make the world your playground!”, The first official Smyths Toys event took place last Saturday. With plenty of child-friendly action and excitement at the play stations from LEGO, Barbie, Beyblade, Dragons, Ravensburger, Rubies and NERF, among others. However, it should not stay that way. “We will continue to focus on events in the future,” reveals Marie-Charlotte von Heyking, Team Lead PR, Event and Local Marketing at Smyths Toys in the DACH region. Next up is a Pokemon tour on the occasion of the release of the first movie about the popular pocket monsters.

Smyths Toys is about "offering customers an experience" that can only take place in brick-and-mortar stores, explains von Heyking. In any case, the focus of Smyths Toys is primarily on the shops - and they want to use the advantages of the stationary toy shops. Many Smyths Toys Superstores have - depending on the season, of course - outdoor stations where children can try out toys in advance.

"Keep it simple"

Smyths Toys motto

Instead of complicated structures, Smyths Toys relies on simple but effective service factors. “Our motto is 'Keep it simple'”, says Marie-Charlotte von Heyking. “Our focus is on customer service,” continues the PR manager. You want to consciously take time for the customers who visit the superstores. This not only contributes to customer loyalty, but also makes the “big difference to online trading”. “Our main business is in the branches,” says von Heyking.

The idea doesn't seem completely new, but it still seems to be modern in a certain way, to want to dedicate itself to the wishes of the customers again.

The "Smyths Toys Superstores" look tidy, bright - and well sorted. Photo: André Volkmann
The “Smyths Toys Superstores” look tidy, bright - and well sorted.
Photo: André Volkmann

As a core target group, “Smyths Toys” has children and their parents in mind, but basically also presents itself to children up to around 14 years of age. This becomes clear not least in the TV commercial, the jingle of which sounds “rap-like”, as the PR manager describes it. The Smyths Toys portfolio includes not only well-known products from toy manufacturers such as LEGO or Playmobil, but also “high-quality” own brands: “I would buy them too,” says Marie-Charlotte von Heyking.

A first tour of the superstore in Cologne-Marsdorf as part of the welcome party makes the fundamental differences to the former - and dreary - Toys'r'Us stores clear: tidy aisles, built-up “eye-catchers”, well-stocked shelves Above all, however, employees who are in a good mood convey a good feeling; even in adults. The foundation stones have been laid, now it's a matter of maintaining the course. “We now have to strengthen the brand,” reveals von Heyking about her upcoming task.

Photo gallery: Opening of the Smyths Toys Superstores

The family company Smyths Toys, which was founded in Ireland more than thirty years ago, today has more than 200 locations in Ireland, England and the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and its own online shops and plays a leading role in the European market for toys and baby products . With its wide range of toys, outdoor, multimedia and baby products, Smyths Toys has the most extensive range in the industry.

Thanks to the multi-channel approach, extremely high service standards and product quality at always affordable prices, the Smyths Toys concept should offer its customers great added value. Information on the Internet at

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