Asmodee's World of Warcraft board game, Small World of Warcraft, is now playable in solo mode. This is ensured by a mini extension that can be downloaded from the publisher as "Print & Play". 

With Small World of Warcraft, Belgian author Philippe Keyaerts had his Vision of a World of Warcraft board game conceived. The idea was based on the popular title Smallworld. In fact, the board game was licensed with Blizzard though not perfect, but still fun.

Small World of Warcraft: Printable Expansion

In the basic version, Small World of Warcraft is aimed at two to five players. So far there hasn't been a solo mode - that's changing now: Thanks to a mini-expansion "Revenge of the Murlocs", which focuses on the popular amphibian creatures from the Warcraft universe, single players can also play the title in a game against the Tackle board game AI. Rule specifications direct the cardboard intelligence, the player naturally acts as the executing hand.

Asmodee writes about the story of the mini-expansion for Small Worlf of Warcraft: For decades they were despised and exploited by everyone. Both the Alliance and the Horde pushed them around, the Naga enslaved them, and every other race drove them from their ancestral homes. But the murlocs have had enough. They have gathered their troops and they seek one thing only: revenge. Can you survive the huge wave rolling towards Azeroth?

The Expansion for Small World of Warcraft is available in "Print & Play" version available through Asmodee Germany.

And it's not the only novelty in this area: at the same time, the publisher has announced that a printable mini-extension is also available online for the Smallworld template. This can be played with Small World, Small World Underground and any other expansion. With a mini-expansion for single-player and 2-player games, you also compete against AI opponents - the Lost Tribes.

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