It had long been known that Asmodee had a new board game for World of Warcraft in the pipeline. Now the publisher has published an official announcement and also named the title: Small World of Warcraft is the name of the new project based on the board game Small World. The Belgian Philippe Keyaerts, who - hardly surprisingly - also designed Small World, is responsible for the game.

That was already at BlizzCon 2019 new board game to World of Warcraft in front of or exhibited. Now Asmodee and Days of Wonder are adding official announcements - and are releasing a first teaser for the title.

WoW board game is based on Small World

The board game for World of Warcraft is based on the playful framework of Small World. Two to five players, ages eight and up, slip into the roles of the races from the universe of World of Warcraft, choose special abilities and then try to gain control of Azeroth.

The board game combines two brands: Small World and World of Warcraft. It is therefore not a design that is completely geared towards Blizzard's successful MMO, but picks up on tried and tested mechanics that have then been given a new look. The large portion of World of Warcraft comes into play primarily through the setting. For example, those locations that fans already know from the original, such as the Dark Portal or Karazhan, were used for Small World of Warcraft.

Another nice fan service is the use of powerful artifacts, including the Frostmourne sword, but also the still young heart of Azeroth or even Al'ar's ashes. You can play as races alongside humans and gnomes, orcs, dwarves, trolls and worgen. And there is also something that should definitely not be missing in Warcraft: Murlocs. Mrrrrggglll mmmrrrgl!


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The contents of the game box are known: it will contain: game instructions, two double-sided game boards, 16 World of Warcraft peoples banners, 20 special ability tiles, rule overviews for five players, 12 artifacts and legendary locations, 185 peoples tiles and 15 Murloc tiles. In addition, a reinforcement cube, a lap board, a lap indicator and a set of rules for the “Battle for Azeroth” variant.

A round should last between 40 and 80 minutes. Author Philippe Keyaerts says that Small World of Warcraft was about mixing the two worlds in such a way that they complement each other. Keyaerts reused, among other things, the artifact concept and legendary locations introduced with Small World Underground. What is new, however, is a movement mechanism that will enable travel between regions that are far apart from one another. “Pros” have already tested the board game, namely Blizzard's WoW team, who were apparently involved in the development and have themselves feedback on the game against.

Small World of Warcraft will be released on September 10th. The price is around 75 euros.

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