The game forge is currently well filled. A total of eight “iron” are waiting there for blacksmiths. The numerous hammer blows of many blacksmiths have meant that, with the exception of the two most recent projects, all of them have already successfully achieved their financing goal. The joy should be particularly great for a small German publisher that has two successfully financed projects in the forge at the same time.

Except for the project that started today and the project that was available as a preview until yesterday and started on time yesterday, all projects have reached their goal. The first title of the fourth season of "Little Fine Ones" clod bustle is successfully funded a few hours before the end of the funding period. So if you want to be there right away for the first title, you have to hurry. For the other projects in the series, however, there will also be the opportunity to choose the complete package from all eight games of the fourth season. Uwe Rosenberg's latest game Oranienburg Canal has now reached ten times the original target and is ready to support for another four days. Acropolis  and Iki are financed to almost 140% or just over 250% eleven days before the end of financing. The two financially strongest games Radlands  and The Dark Quarter have already more than quadrupled their goals. You end up like Acropolis  and Iki in a double pack, but each is still available for 20 days.

Pilgrim - Runs your own abbey

A successful Gamefound campaign was launched in March pilgrim. The game is a collaboration between Spielworxx, who have now started the Spieleschmiede campaign, and A-Muse-Ment, who were responsible for the Gamefound campaign. Over 150% of the original goal was collected on Gamefound. Now the campaign for the German-English version has also started in the game forge. The target here is just under a tenth of the target set on Gamefound. This goal was achieved just a few days after the start of the campaign and 4 weeks before the end of the funding period.

It is the task of the players to lead their own abbey. This should be designed, expanded and made known as godly as possible. The game uses the movement mechanism of mancala (bean) games. With this, your own followers are divided into eight tasks and the capital to determine the actions in each round. Trade routes for income and pilgrimage paths for victory points can be built on the map. In addition, the serfs can be ordained (consecrated) as followers, alms can be given to the poor and annexes can be built at your own abbey. All with the aim of being the most godly and devout. This goal requires not only devotion and devotion but also money.

Pilgrim is a game with a very simple basic mechanism. In your own turn, you choose a single task tile or the city, as long as there is at least one follower there. All followers from the chosen location are taken into your hand and then placed clockwise (quests) or following the arrows (city). Then either the “tithe” (church tax) can be chosen or an action can be carried out. A total of eight different task tiles are available, as well as six special activities. With the actions of the respective task tiles, there are even more options that need to be considered.

After the setup, which offers 160 sextillion ( possibilities in the starting grid, there is no more random element in the game. The 1-4 people play with all available information over 26 rounds and whoever has collected the most points at the end may succeed the cardinal. In the solo variant, it is important to assert yourself against the Abbott.

The game is recommended for ages 12 and up and lasts around 90 minutes. A third more than originally planned has already been collected. The possibility to support the game here (LINK) is still available for 26 days.

That already in the last Spieleschmiede update presented fairyland started crowdfunding on Thursday afternoon. Almost 50% of the financing target has already been achieved. Those interested can still play the game for 25 days in the game forge support.

Fast game for word acrobats

In InWord The aim is to find as many words as possible as quickly as possible. The game consists of 20 cards, each showing a letter. For each round, three cards are dealt side by side. Then you have to find words that contain, for example, the letters SUA in the respective order. Geologists might call SUAnit here, lawyers procesSUAl or engineers flow visualization. Anyone who thinks that there is no suitable word for a combination can also pass. If nobody in the group finds a suitable word, you get 10 points if you passed first. If the players are more eloquent and find a word, then there are 10 minus points for passing. If several players find the right words at the same time, players take turns until there is only one person left. This then receives points depending on the words found up to that point.

There is no set number of rounds for the game.

The second title of little fine ones is recommended for 2-6 people aged 8 and over. The playing time is given as 10-15 minutes. Interested parties have time until the next title in the series starts crowdfunding in a week here support.


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