Urban planning in your pocket size, that is the idea behind the board game Micro City, which started as crowdfunding in the Spielschmiede. The city building game has already found its first supporters in the compact box - the campaign will now run until May 18th. For the game, 15 euros are called: not only the box and its contents are located in the Mirko area, but also the price.

The second edition of Micro City by Michał Jagodziński and Kamil Langie came from last year. The original miniature board game was published by Thistroy Games and TGG Games, now Happyshops wants to create the German version of the compact city-building game with the Giant Roc brand. The round sum of 2.000 euros has to flow for this, half of it is almost done. Almost 50 supporters have already become active to drive the crowdfunding campaign towards success.

Urban planning as in big, only in small

Micro City is a pocket-sized city building game in which players are faced with different challenges - there are also different levels of difficulty and three game modes. The idea of ​​the players' group is also appropriately minimalist: You can dare to build the building alone, but also in pairs, and then either cooperatively or competitively.

There is a lot of concept in the micro box, for which "smiths" have to pay 15 euros, or four euros more with the optional Playmat.

At Micro City, the name says it all in two respects: It's about urban planning - and that on a small scale. Photo: Kamil Langie

At Micro City, the name says it all in two respects: It's about urban planning - and that on a small scale. Photo: Kamil Langie

The setting is typical of the genre: In the role of engineers, the construction of a complex building must be completed in good time, before the number of rounds determined by the degree of difficulty expires. To successfully complete the job
However, the engineers first have to invest in the various districts and quarters of the city in order to obtain the necessary resources.

The real highlight of the board game is actually the format: Thanks to the compact game box, Micro City can be taken anywhere and does not need a lot of space to set up. The playing time is also short enough to insert one or the other game in between. Gamelyn Games has been enjoying regular success for years with similar ideas. In small format and with changing settings from pirates to mechs to dinosaurs, there are games with mini material - or even ultra-mini material.

The Campaign for the German version of Micro City runs in the Spieleschmiede until May 18th.


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