Slot machine strategies can help players optimize their winnings and create the best winning odds for their gaming experience.

In this article, iGaming expert Simone Eichelberger presents some strategies for slot machines that the reader can try out if necessary. Read more from the iGaming author here.

Test the games before wagering real money

Before we get into the actual strategies and tips that can actually win you real money, first a tip about the demo mode.

Of course, the demo mode is less fun, after all, you can't win real money here. That is clear. Nevertheless, it makes sense to use the demo mode to get to know the games you are interested in better.

This trick has already helped a number of players, because in the demo mode you can learn to understand the games easily and without risk. You wouldn't just take part in a marathon without training first.

Hence the tip: first train in demo mode and get to know the games very well!

Don't overlook simple games

There are games that are graphically and technically impressive. And then there are games that are quite unassuming. Basically, when it comes to gambling, appearances are not important.

A top-design game can have horrible payout percentages, while a game that looks simple can give you great wins. But of course it can also be the other way around.

It is important not to be blinded by externals. Every game has its advantages and disadvantages, but if you're out to win, graphics and the like shouldn't be seen as an advantage, but at most as a nice side effect.

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Stick to your own rules

Sticking to your own rules is one of the most important tips of all when it comes to gambling.

At Austrian online casinos there is always the possibility to set limits in the player account. You should use this option. As soon as you have created your player account, it is best to set the limits that you consider sensible.

Then you can't even be tempted to bet more than you'd like.

split deposits

Splitting up your budget makes sense. The keyword is diversification.

Use part of your budget to play games with frequent but smaller wins. This is where you are more likely to make profits, but not as big. These bets can take up to 80% of your budget.

You can use the rest in games where the probability of winning is rather low, but the winnings can be huge if you win. This could be jackpot slots, for example. We recommend spending up to 20% of your budget on these games.

The exact division of your budget is of course up to you, but an 80:20 division is already known from the financial market.

Pay attention to RTP and volatility

How do you actually know what chances of winning a game offers? This is concrete based on the given data RTP (return to player) and volatility discernible.

The RTP indicates what percentage of your stake you would theoretically hold in your hands after a large number of game rounds.

The volatility indicates how risky a slot is. A high volatility indicates that the slot can be accompanied by long dry spells, but the winnings are rather high. A low volatility shows the exact opposite, i.e. lower profits, which appear more frequently.


In order to get the most out of your slot machine gaming experience, it is advisable to follow a few strategies and tips. Winnings are based on chance, but luck can be influenced a little. If you want to read more about the topic, the book Slot Smarts Winning Strategies on Slot Machines is recommended.