Slay the Spire is not only well received on the screens: The roguelike deck building title also seems to convince fans of board games. The crowdfunding campaign to finance the adaptation has reached a milestone.

The development studio MegaCrit has landed a hit with Slay the Spire. The deck-building game with roguelike elements was extremely well received by fans and critics. In 2019 and 2020, the game was nominated for various video game awards, including the Steam Award in the category "Most Innovative Gameplay" and the Game Awards 2019 as "Fresh Indie Game".

Slay the Spire in co-op mode

The success of Slay the Spire as a video game led to the idea of ​​being able to experience the title on the gaming table at home. The board game version of Slay the Spire is set to be crowdfunded on Kickstarter - and the campaign is currently doing pretty well.

Contention Games has long since pushed the crowdfunding for the tabletop adaptation of Slay the Spire past the target of around 51.000 euros. Even clearly. The campaign recently reached the milestone of two million euros. Running until November 18th the financing at the same time.

Slay the Spre originally released on consoles and Steam in 2019. The board game version uses the game's deck building elements just like the template, but adds a cooperative element. Players now climb the tower at the same time and must fight enemies together.

Other aspects of the video game remain the same, including the block and attack system or the randomness of the enemies and relics. The iconic bosses and monsters from the video game also appear in the board game. The four characters from the template are also included in the board game version. Each of the characters will have different unique abilities that will be reflected in the decks. The cards are a small highlight: the designs from the video game can be found in the tabletop offshoot.

It probably won't be easy: If a player dies, the entire game ends in defeat.

Slay the Spire is considered one of the best roguelike games out there in the video game segment. Contention Games was apparently able to use the hype for crowdfunding. After around three hours, fans had already invested more than half a million euros in the campaign.

Only the price could deter one or the other fan, especially in this country: the board game for Slay the Spire costs just over 100 euros in the basic pledge – taxes and shipping are also included.


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