In February 2021, Sky & Sky Ticket will provide their viewers with an exciting program. The streaming provider provides series and film highlights such as the funny one Film adaptation of the best-selling book "The Kangaroo Chronicles", but also with a horror film in which director Oz Perkins gives the fairy tale Gretel & Hansel a new twist, for exciting entertainment in front of the television at home. This is a welcome change for young and old, especially at the time of the lockdown. In our Sky & Sky ticket calendar you will find all the films and series that January has in store for you.

The Sky & Sky ticket program in January 2021 once again has exciting highlights and innovations in the luggage for the subscribers of the streaming provider. With our clear calendar you can easily find out when your favorite films and series are showing! We have already selected a few highlights and exciting trailers for you and your entire family.

Sky & Sky Ticket Calendar in January: Home cinema for the whole family

True to the motto: "New month, new popcorn program", Sky & Sky Ticket are also offering you new films and series for streaming in January. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone!

Sky Entertainment - New series in January 2021

01 February 2021

  • Blue Bloods - Seasons 1 and 2 | Thriller

03 February 2021

  • Highlight for crime fans: Private Eyes - Seasons 1 to 4 | Crime / Comedy
The novel adaptation Private Eyes combines comedy and crime. Image: Edel Motion

The novel adaptation Private Eyes combines comedy and crime. Image: Edel Motion

In the Canadian series "Private eyes' is based on the novel 'The Code' by Gare Joyce. The focus is on private detective Matt Shade. "Shadow" (Shade) is a former ice hockey pro and has the special ability to read people and anticipate their actions. That helped him on the ice back then and makes him a top detective today. Together with his partner Angie Everett he solves exciting cases.

04 February 2021

  • Narco Wars: Fighting Drugs - Season 1 | documentation
  • Tin Star - Season 3 | Thriller

07 February 2021

  • Europe from Above - Season 2 | documentation

11 February 2021

  • The Outpost - Season 3 | Fantasy / drama

18 February 2021

  • Train-Hopping Around the World - Season 1 | documentation

20 February 2021

  • Mission Mars 2020 - Season 1 | documentation

21 February 2021

  • The Loch Ness Monster: New Tracks - Season 1 | documentation
  • The Brown Terror - Season 1 | documentation

24 February 2021

  • True crime highlight: For Life - Season 2 | Thriller

The American crime series "For Lifeis based on the true story of Isaac Wright Jr., who for years assisted fellow inmates during his wrongful incarceration. The focus is on the imprisoned Aaron Wallace, who claims to be innocent. While in prison, Wallace studies law and reopens his case on his own to finally prove his innocence and return to his family. But other inmates also benefit from his services as a lawyer. This is made possible by the support of prison director Safiya Masry. What Wallace doesn't know is that his wife has long since started a new life with his former boyfriend.

26 February 2021

  • Snakes in the City - Season 7 | documentation

27 February 2021

  • Ice Airport Alaska - Season 1 | documentation
Sky Cinema: New films in January 2021

01 February 2021

  • Still Here | Drama - 2020

02 February 2021

  • The depth | adventure

04 January 2021

  • Arizona Junior | comedy

05 January 2021

  • Highlight for fans of Elyas M'Barek: Nightlife | Comedy - 2020
In the movie Nightlife, not a single eye stays dry with laughter. Image: Warner Bros

In the film Nightlife, with actor Elyas M'Barek, not a single eye stays dry with laughter. Image: Warner Bros

Bartender Milo is a party-time hero. But when he meets his music-loving dream woman, he pretends to work for a music label in Atlanta. As if that wasn't enough of the chaos, Milo's weird friend Renzo turns up on their date and with him some vengeful faces from the Berlin underworld.

06 January 2021

  • Blackbird - A Family Story | drama

07 January 2021

  • The Mexican | comedy

08 January 2021

  • Act of revenge | thriller

10 January 2021

  • Arctic | drama

12 January 2021 

  • The Outpost: Survival is everything | War Movie - 2020

13 January 2021

  • The Poison Rose: Dark Past | thriller

15 January 2021

  • The Song of Names | drama

16 January 2021

  • The killer elite | thriller

19 January 2021

  • Scooby! Fully ennobled | Animation - 2020

In the reboot of the classic Scooby Doo, fans will learn how detectives Scooby, Fred, Velma and Shaggy met and how Mystery Inc. was formed. Also, a creepy organization plans to release the ghost dog Cerberus, and Scooby realizes his destiny. There is a threat of a "bello-localypse" which the friends must prevent.

20 January 2021

  • The possessed | Horror - 2020

22 January 2021

  • Tesla | Biography - 2020

25 January 2021

  • The serpent in the shadow of the eagle | Action

26 January 2021

  • Fantasy Island - Director's Cut | Horror - 2020

27 January 2021

  • Stage Mother | Comedy - 2020

28 January 2021

  • Racing pig Rudi Rüssel | comedy

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