The turn of the year is approaching and with it the search for the right event for New Year's Eve. At the end of the year, everyone follows their own tradition when it comes to starting the new year as entertainingly as possible. If the search, for example for theater or musical tickets, is unsuccessful, some party guests panic. Relax and meet up with family and friends for a fun board game evening. We deliver the appropriate board game tips; however, you would have to ensure a good mood. Have fun and a happy new year 2017!

Take time. Unpack board games.

It almost seems as if you need outside pressure to deal intensively with board games. Real fans regularly take board games, dice and card games out of the closet and enjoy exciting, entertaining or even amusing game mechanisms together with other game-loving companions. It is much more difficult for beginners: without a permanent board game group, such planning often fizzles out. Almost everyone has time on public holidays, which should make planning noticeably easier. The biggest obstacle is the feeling of missing something important when spending New Year's Eve 2016 comfortably at home with family and friends. This slowing down is an indispensable necessity in our fast-moving times.

The requirements for the perfect board game for New Year's Eve are low: it has to be easy to understand and on such a day it can be fun. In any case, there is an essential motto for New Year's Eve: the later the evening, the less important the rules. And because the average party guest loses their language skills as the alcohol level rises, the board games that focus on this skill are particularly recommended.

Krazy Wordz from Ravensburger

New Year's Eve 2016: board game tips for the New Year

That the entertaining word guessing game Krazy Wordz from Ravensburger is not 100 percent youth-free is emblazoned on the game packaging like an award. Nevertheless, players aged 16 and over work up a sweat on New Year's Eve when it comes to interpreting rather weird words in a game of up to seven players. As flat as the set of rules may be, as interchangeable as the mechanism is, Krazy Wordz lives from its players. The more illustrious the game, the more fun there is. On New Year's Eve, players can still learn the simple gameplay with two per mille. After shuffling the letter tiles, each player receives his or her personal task card. Then everyone draws a total of nine spelling tokens: three vowels and six consonants. From now on the creative ability is required. Each person lays out a term to match the task card, consisting of the drawn letter tiles. The fact that the results are absolutely meaningless and far from any reality is obvious with the random letter specification. Once all word finding problems have been eliminated and the terms have been placed, the task cards are placed on the table and mixed up. Now it's a matter of guessing which term goes with which task card: if you guess correctly, you get one point. Krazy Wordz* is at no time a playful heavyweight, on the contrary: it lives from its lightness and the sometimes rather stupid terms. That there is quality behind this party game by Dirk Baumann, Thomas Odenhoven and Matthias Schmitt is proven by its place on the recommendation list Game of the Year 2016 (Krazy Wordz Family Edition). If you want to experience New Year's Eve 2016 with a smile on your face, this word guessing game is definitely spot on.

Agent Undercover from Piatnik

New Year's Eve 2016: board game tips for the New Year

Hardly any party game stimulates the gray matter as clearly as the communication game Agent undercover by Piatnik. Deductive logic is at the center of the game, so this thinking game becomes more fun the later New Year's Eve progresses. After the fifth zombie at the latest (Editor's note: rather rich cocktail) the game idea becomes reality and the secret agent actually no longer knows where he is. This is what it's about: Each player slips into a random role in a secret location. One of the players receives the top secret secret agent card. From then on, the players try to find out who is playing a role and who has knowledge of the location and, above all, who the secret agent is by means of clever queries. At the same time, the agent has to find out where he is without exposing his camouflage. The process is sometimes chaotic, but invites you to think.

The preparation, however, is done quickly. Before the start of the game, the location cards as well as one secret agent card are packed in individual game piles so that the starting player can decide which pile to use. It is now a matter of achieving the goal of the game within eight minutes. The round ends after the time has expired, when the secret agent determines the place where he is or when the agent is exposed by the others.

The highlight of Agent undercover lies in the detail: questions must be asked as generally as possible, but still as comprehensible as necessary. It is important to articulate questions and answers, as this information is used by the players to evaluate their intentions. Agent undercover It does take a few rounds to get used to, but once you've figured out the gameplay, nothing stands in the way of an entertaining game evening on New Year's Eve. 

Plain text from Hasbro Games

New Year's Eve 2016: board game tips for the New Year

The pun plain text by Hasbro Games is something of the prototype of crazy guessing. Core utensils from plain text are the five enclosed jaw locks - one for each player. Nobody can avoid slipping into the role of the "speaker" themselves and that's what makes the game so appealing. The jaw locks not only look damn good, they also prevent the clear pronunciation of the given sentences as effectively as two bottles of vodka from a discount store. After the team has been formed, the action begins: The starting player draws the top card from the deck, uses the jaw lock and turns over the hourglass. He reads the sentences off the playing cards as clearly as possible – until the hourglass runs out. Individual cards may be skipped, but then migrate to the opponent's points account. What the oral motor skills prevent, the "speaker" can compensate with wild gestures. The game continues until each player has been allowed to take on the role of the “speaker” twice. The total points are then evaluated. Klartext is one of those party games that has almost no rules at all, but still keeps players incredibly amused. Making a fool of yourself is just as much a part of the game as laughing at others in this guessing game from Hasbro Games. Perfect for the upcoming New Year's Eve.