They want to stay true to the original – this is confirmed by the Bloober team when developing the remake of Silent Hill 2. This makes it clear: apparently, there is no risk of major experiments.

Horror developer Bloober Team has sent a message to those Silent Hill fans who are worried about the "spirit" of the Silent Hill 2 remake: Don't worry, everything will be fine - is the central message. In a recent interview with DreadXP, Bloober Team Marketing Director Anna Jasińska stated that the remake will stay true to the original Silent Hill 2. However, the aspects of the horror game that have not aged so well will be revised.

Silent Hill 2 Remake: AAA horror

According to Jasińska, long-time fans shouldn't worry. The developers want to make a precision landing. "We're sticking closely to the traditional story canon while redesigning the gameplay and improving the graphics from the ground up," explains Jasińska. One obvious change concerns the introduction of an over-the-shoulder camera. This allows the developers to change the perspective of some iconic sequences - but at the same time it means an overhaul of the combat system.

The marketing director also stated that Bloober takes a "very safe approach to all changes". Apparently, no risks are taken and consciously refrains from larger experiments for the remake of Silent Hill 2. However, adjustments should be made if they could improve the experience for modern players. The horror approach of the game as a whole is also subject to a thought process. They want to make sure the remake appeals to contemporary audiences as well.

Anna Jasińska confirmed that Bloober Team was in competition with other studios for the project. Ultimately, Konami had recognized the developers' dedication and passion for horror.

The remake of Silent Hill 2 has remained relatively quiet so far. There was a short teaser video, but otherwise no significant information. The Bloober team had not yet announced a release date either.

However, there is one downer if something doesn't change surprisingly: The horror game will not be released for Xbox consoles.

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