Kung Fu Action Game Sifu Releases New Content Update and Retail Versions Released on February 8th, 2022, the million selling, critically acclaimed kung fu hit Sifu is back with new content! Publisher Sloclap (Absolver)'s best-selling title received its first content update for PlayStation and PC today, also celebrating the game's retail release worldwide.

The Sifu Spring 2022 update brings new features such as levels of difficulty, an advanced training mode that allows you to train against any opponent (including the wild bosses!), a new outfit feature for the character with three new outfits, and many more quality of life features -Updates and changes to the user interface and controls.

Sifu is now also available in brick-and-mortar stores

Released in February, Sifu was hailed as one of the first big hits of 2022. It sold more than a million copies in the first three weeks of its release - and has already been named a GOTY contender by international critics. Developer and publisher Sloclap confirmed last week that the studio is already in the process of developing free content updates for the game for a year (link). Sifu is set against the detailed backdrop of a fictional Chinese town where players will unravel an ancient mystery and test their skills to the limit in a series of difficult confrontations. To overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, fighters must rely on mastery of kung fu and a magical pendant to revive them upon death.

However, the price of magic is high, aging it drastically with each revival: time is the price of revenge.
Sifu's main inspiration comes from classic kung fu movies, with some from the Sloclap Pak Mei development team having practiced kung fu and various other martial arts. During the development of the game, the team worked closely with the Kowloon Nights team in Beijing and Hong Kong to organize cultural reviews to ensure the game treats Chinese kung fu culture as respectfully as it can. Several consultants from Chinese video game companies were invited to contribute and provide feedback, resulting in numerous changes to the game, from the main character's appearance to environmental details.

Players can now choose the difficulty level in Sifu, including the option to make the game more difficult. There are three settings: Pupil, Student and Master. These determine the strength of the opponents, the reaction of the AI ​​and how slowly or quickly your character ages in the game, with the medium difficulty level corresponding to the original difficulty setting from the release.

Two new unlockable outfits are also being introduced with today's update, with more planned for future updates. Players will be able to choose their outfits in Wuguan. Those who own the Deluxe Edition can choose an additional outfit, and for those looking to hone their skills, a new advanced training mode arrives today, allowing them to train against any enemy archetype or boss they've defeated in history. There is even the possibility to compete against several opponents at the same time.
A dark mode for in-game menus, better mouse and keyboard support, audio updates, and improved HUD readability are just a few of the additional improvements in today's update.

The update also celebrates the launch of Sifu as the game hits retail stores around the world today, where students thirsting for revenge can now quench their thirst with a physical version of Sifu in Standard and Vengeance -Edition from the distribution partner Microids. The Vengeance Edition includes a 48-page art book, the complete digital soundtrack composed by Howie Lee, and three beautiful lithographs, all packaged in a steel book.

A short trailer, also released, gives an overview of the contents of this first update:

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