Whether in the supermarket or the gym, in the car or on the train - kung fu is now always with you, because Sifu, the beat 'em up hit from developer and publisher Sloclap, is now also available on Switch.

From now on, long-time fans of the game or avid Switch melee newcomers who have been patiently awaiting the arrival of Sifu can purchase it from the Nintendo e-shop or selected retailers.

Sifu also as a SteelBook version

Players who want to fully immerse themselves in the world of Sifu can also purchase the physical Redemption Edition, which includes a SteelBook version of the game for Nintendo Switch, as well as a detailed figure, a Tenacity Pendant, a beautiful lithograph set, and Includes a stunning 160-page developer diary "Behind the Art of Sifu".

In Sifu you slip into the role of a Pak Mei Kung Fu student. You've spent your entire life training for Judgment Day after your entire family was brutally murdered by a mysterious hit squad. With just one day and countless enemies to stand in your way, insurmountable obstacles must be overcome and members of the powerful organization defeated to exact revenge. In this vendetta, lifetime is the price to pay. Thanks to a magical talisman that revives you after death, defeat does not automatically mean the end. You always get back up, but the price of magic is high, and your character ages significantly each time it comes back to life.

After debuting on PlayStation and PC in February, Sifu was hailed as one of the first GOTY contenders of 2022, selling over a million copies in its first three weeks and earning critical acclaim. Sloclap has released two updates throughout the year, adding new difficulty modes, a long list of exciting gameplay modifiers, new outfits and much more. All update content added to Sifu so far will also be directly available in the Switch version of the game.


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