Independent developer and publisher Sloclap (Absolver)'s kung fu action game Sifu, which received international critical acclaim in East and West, has sold one million units in its first three weeks of availability and has been hailed as an early GOTY contender . Sifu is available for PlayStation and PC through the Epic Games Store for €39,99.

To date, more than ten million hours have been played. Of the more than one million players, more than 45 percent have completed the challenging second level of the game and are now on their way to complete their revenge. Over 150.000 of them have already mastered kung fu to the point of defeating Yang, the game's main antagonist. Special congratulations go to those who managed to rise above their revenge and have now reached Wude, the game's true ending.

Kung fu game arrives

"We're thrilled with the response Sifu is getting from both fans and the press," says Pierre Tarno, Executive Producer at Sloclap. “We wanted to create an authentic kung fu action game that pays homage to our favorite kung fu movies. We are grateful for our fans around the world and also for the incredible reception the game has received in China. Our internal measure of success was how well the game would be received there – the positive reviews from Chinese testers mean a lot to us.”

Set against the detailed backdrop of a fictional Chinese town, Sifu uncovers an ancient mystery through a series of difficult confrontations that will test your skills to the limit. To overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles, the fighters must rely on a mastery of kung fu and a magic pendant that revives them after death. However, the price of magic is high and drastically ages the character with each revival: time is the price of revenge.

Sifu's main inspiration comes from classic kung fu fighting movies, and some members of Sloclap's development team have practiced Pak Mei Kung Fu and various other martial arts. From the early stages of development, Sloclap has worked closely with Kowloon Nights to create a game that feels authentic and respects Chinese Kung Fu culture. Through its network in the Chinese game industry, Kowloon Nights identified key talents who could contribute to the game and provide feedback, resulting in changes ranging from the main character's appearance to details of the environment.

Alexis Garavaryan, CEO of Kepler Interactive, states, “The team at Sloclap have created something truly extraordinary that has resonated with audiences around the world. Sifu is a success that has developed over the years. He began with Absolver and the team's quest to redefine the standard for martial arts gaming. We also want to thank our friends at PlayStation and Epic for giving us absolute world-class support and visibility.”

Sifu is available worldwide for EUR 39,99 for the Standard Edition and EUR 49,99 for the Deluxe Edition. Full Mandarin Chinese voice acting will also be available soon for both versions of the game, with more details to come.

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