The publisher Frosted Games is expected to release the expansion “The Cleavage” for the board game Sidereal Confluence in the summer. Pre-orders are already possible, but exclusively via the small publisher's shop. The basic game, on the other hand, is also distributed by Pegasus Spiele. 

Sidereal Confluence – The Split will appear in the summer of 2022, reports Frosted Games about the planned release period for the German version of the expansion. It expressly does not appear with Pegasus Spiele, the publisher responsible for distributing the basic game.

The Cleavage: Nine New Species

"That's why you can only pre-order the expansion exclusively from us in the shop," says Frosted Games. It is currently unclear whether "The Cleavage" will also be available in other ways. This has not yet been finally clarified, but: "The tendency is rather no, because the current circumstances would demand a price that makes it unattractive for the trade," says Frosted Games.

As Frosted Games continues to announce, the expansion will contain nine new playable species and thus a variant for each of the base game. This comes from the designer TauCeti Deichmann, with illustrations by Kwanchai Moriya, among others.

"Each of them lets you choose whether you want to play the original or the new variant," explains Frosted Games about the species. All would have completely new rules and abilities, which above all bring many interactive elements into play: “For example, the essence of Jii, with which you can impose conditions on the players that limit them, but at the same time strengthen production. And the Caylion cooperative can do special big projects, but only if the others also vote for it.”

The expansion is obviously not just aimed at experts. "Beginners" can fall back on other species with a lower level of difficulty.

Frosted Games said: “Anyone who orders the expansion from our shop during the pre-order campaign will receive it immediately after publication and, as with all our pre-order campaigns within Germany, will not have to pay any shipping costs. Shipping to Austria and Switzerland is also discounted during the pre-order campaign.”

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