After just one week of closed beta, The Cycle: Frontier has nearly doubled its previous maximum number of concurrent players. After the huge success of the first closed beta in September, over 15.000 players visited Fortuna III simultaneously over the weekend, with Peak on Sunday.

The Cycle: Frontier was among the top three trending games on the streaming platform Twitch on Sunday. In order to collect even more feedback from the new players, YAGER has already decided to extend the closed beta: the servers will no longer close on April 4th, but two weeks later on April 19th. So players can confidently enjoy the Easter holidays on Prospect Station and Fortuna III.

Update to The Cycle: Frontier

An update to The Cycle: Frontier has been available since March 24th at GamesRadar's The Future Games Show: Spring Showcase. To get a glimpse of The Cycle: Frontier's unique sci-fi game world, players could register via Steam or the Epic Games Store.

Thanks to seamless matchmaking and continuous servers, a busy world is guaranteed, but beware: not all players are cooperative. Some prospectors refuse to cooperate and attack with the intention of winning the hard-won loot. In The Cycle: Frontier, every action has massive consequences, every wrong sound can be the last.

The Cycle: Frontier is a free to play, suspenseful FPS shooter that blends PvE and PvP. The goal is to complete quests on a deserted planet while defending yourself against hostile creatures and armed opponents. Resources and mission objectives can only be kept if players leave the planet alive. The resources gained can be used for weapon upgrades and other improvements that will positively affect future drops. The Cycle: Frontier offers a competitive multiplayer experience, meaning whether it's solo, in a squad with friends, or in alliances with strangers, The Cycle: Frontier offers the ultimate survival game for all players.

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