Following the successful reprint campaign of the popular 4X pirate game Dead Reckoning, Alderac Entertainment Group has launched Shake That City new kickstarter project announced. It will start on November 29, 2022.

Shake that City is a family puzzle for 2-4 players that can be played in a quick 20-40 minutes. The players slip into the roles of city planners who have to design the best city block based on the patterns generated by the so-called "Cube Shaker".

Nice short game for the whole family

Shake That City is played over several rounds. In a round, the active player must shake the so-called "Cube Shaker" and press a slider to uncover a 3×3 pattern of differently colored cubes. Based on the pattern, the player must place the corresponding building tiles of a color of his choice on his game board. The building tiles represent streets, factories, shops, parks and residential buildings. The opponents then choose a different building color than the active player and place the matching colored tiles in the corresponding pattern on their game board. Players score points for combinations of tiles and completed bonus point tiles on the edge of their game board.

The game by Mads Fløe and Kåre Torndahl Kjær, with beautiful graphics by Olga Kim and Jay Hernishin, will be released on November 29, 2023 on Kickstarter start and should be available from around 29 euros.

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The Guild of Merchant Explorers The Guild of Merchant Explorers * Currently no reviews 81,90 EUR

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