Paradox Interactive announces that the Shadowrun Trilogy, a collection of three acclaimed role-playing games set in Shadowrun's iconic fantasy-cyberpunk setting, will be released on next-gen consoles on June 21, 2022.

The Shadowrun Trilogy are remastered versions of the Shadowrun Returns role-playing games originally published by Harebrained Schemes. Now updated for a console experience, they feature upscaled graphics, improved performance, and controller-optimized gameplay. All three titles in the series will be released simultaneously for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and are available for pre-order on all platforms.

Shadowrun Video Game: Previously successful Kickstarter

Originally funded on Kickstarter in just 28 hours, Shadowrun Returns is the first Kickstarter-funded game to be released after raising over $XNUMX million. It's a story-driven RPG with turn-based tactical combat, set in the famous Shadowrun universe.

Developed by Jordan Weisman, creator of the original Shadowrun tabletop role-playing game, Shadowrun Returns was released to critical acclaim for PC and mobile platforms. Two sequels were released shortly after. The standalone sequels Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director's Cut and Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition, along with Shadowrun Returns, make up the Shadowrun Trilogy, due out for consoles later this year.

Shadowrun is a Pen and paper classic, the first edition of which appeared in 1989. The current, sixth edition of the science fantasy tabletop role-playing game, which mixes elements of cyberpunk, crime and urban fantasy, is comparatively new. If you want to play Shadowrun analog, you will find corresponding role-playing books in German localized by the publisher Pegasus Spiele.


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