The raid operation has long been running in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, the eighth expansion to Blizzard's popular MMO. Schloss Nathria is no longer only available to experienced players, but also to beginners and occasional players via the raid finder. However, you also have to refuel, heal and deal damage in the shallow version of the first Shadowlands raid. And as always, it also depends on the damage dealers: Some classes are currently particularly convincing in the DPS ranking. 

As always, a DPS ranking at World of Warcraft: Shadowlands only shows an excerpt from time. Because Blizzard keeps making changes to the capabilities of the classes and their effectiveness, there are steadily smaller, sometimes larger shifts. So “Class Tunings” have been announced again for the coming week, which this time will mainly benefit frost mages, fury warriors and assassin villains. These skills are expected to make a noticeable leap up the DPS table. In the case of the Frost Mage, for example, all damage skills are improved by nine percent.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands - DPS Ranking

That won't change much in the top positions. For the first raid on Schloss Nathria, the affliction witchers are right at the front, followed by unholy death knights and shadow priests. The so-called dotlocks, or affliction warlocks, are often among the top damage classes, as was the case this time at the start of the eighth expansion of World of Warcraft. The witchers throw an average of 3.750 DPS against the bosses, and according to the Warcraftlogs statistics website, it is even 6.950 at the top. Only equilibrium druids who set the peak at just over 7.000 DPS can keep up with the peak value. Even if the “Mookins” are among the top DDs with around 3.650 DPS on average, Unheilig death knights (3.670 DPS) and shadow priests (3.660 DPS) are slightly better. Hunters also play up there, at least if they are skilled in marksmanship.

The current ranking. Image: Warcraftlogs

The current ranking. Image: Warcraftlogs

Despite the DPS ranking and its top positions: The first nine specializations are comparatively close together, only then does a slight break appear.

At the back of the table are assassination villains, as well as the arcane and frost mages, who are pretty beaten. The rather clear buff planned by Blizzard is therefore no coincidence. All in all, all classes will move closer together, even if the magical limit of currently around 3.500 DPS is by no means reached in every class in the short term. Those classes that rely more on burst damage are currently at a disadvantage in the Raid Schloss Nathria. Last but not least, this is due to the often movement-intensive boss fights, in which players regularly have to move away from their opponents.

Because Blizzard will keep releasing smaller boosts and making adjustments, the Shadowlands DPS ranking changes regularly - sometimes more, sometimes less clearly. And: Even in a follow-up raid, the damage classes could mix up noticeably in terms of their table positions. Players can read their damage values ​​on Warcraft logs. This is done voluntarily. A comparison between short-term statistics and the two-week range confirms the dominance of some skill levels. The differences are particularly large when it comes to the maximum damage values: there is a difference of around 2.800 DPS between the top performer Balance Druid and the end of the table by the assassin villain; the difference in the average DPS values ​​is a maximum of around 800 DPS.

It takes an item score of 170 to challenge the ten new bosses. Unless you go into the raid with guild colleagues, then a lower value is sufficient. The first “clear” was the guild Complexity Limit, which was able to send Sir Denathrius, the arrogant boss of the raid, on the boards before Christmas - of course on a mythical level of difficulty. As can be read on, the guild troops had needed a total of 143 attempts. There are now a total of 18 guilds that were able to cope with the raid on the hardest level.

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