Fans of Tainted Grail can look forward to supplies for the expert game: Pegasus Spiele recently released four expansions and several add-ons. The Last Knight and Age of Legends and The Red Death contain extensive campaigns, in Voices of the Past players learn more about their characters' pasts. In addition, new miniatures and encounter cards come into play with Monsters of Avalon – Past and Future. Additional accessories should also allow a more atmospheric gaming experience.

Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon is a cooperative survival and exploration game that blends Arthurian legends and Celtic mythology into a unique, dark vision. One to four players control unusual characters with individual starting requirements and abilities. As a group or on their own, they travel Avalon and experience a deep, branching storyline. You interact with people, explore mysterious places, gather food and fight numerous enemies.

An innovative card mechanism is used in battles and diplomatic encounters. Again and again, the players read passages from the book of discoveries and then have to make decisions. What's special: Every decision can influence the rest of the game and even later campaigns.

Tainted Grail: Return to Avalon

The recently released double expansion The Last Knight + Age of Legends contains two such campaigns. The two new, epic adventures are each as extensive as those of the base game and also each contain four new characters. The campaigns are set many years apart, showing players the long-term consequences of their actions and decisions.
The Last Knight takes the players into the future of Avalon. 400 years after the events of the first campaign, The Fall of Avalon, the island is trapped in perpetual ice. The cold is now a constant threat to the people, and a new enemy threatens even the last refuges.

Here, players experience the aftermath of their past choices and bring humanity's story to Avalon to a close. The campaign features new encounters, new adversities like hypothermia, and more dangerous locations, but also unexpected allies. The second campaign in the expansion, Age of Legends, is set 600 years before Fall of Avalon, when humans are about to conquer Avalon. Side by side with legendary figures such as King Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin and Nimue, the players fight against the overpowering army of the ancients. Along the way, they'll discover the origins of many of the myths and locations they've traveled to in previous campaigns - their previous choices are reflected here as well. On their expedition through the original, wild Avalon, the players can not only discover many new places and experience encounters, but also command armies and build magnificent buildings.

Monsters of Avalon – Past and Future allows players to bring the terrifying creatures of Avalon as miniatures into the Last Knight and Age of Legends campaigns. The expansion consists of 20 detailed miniatures and 20 Guardian Encounter cards. Monsters of Avalon - Past And Future is primarily a visual and tactile add-on, but it also provides additional variety and immersion through the introduction of new models and alternative encounters. The Guardian versions of the encounter cards also increase the level of difficulty.

Those looking for even more adventures in Avalon can add the Voices of the Past expansion, which can be combined with The Fall of Avalon, The Last Knight, and Aeons of Legends campaigns. With Voices of the Past, players can find out more about the past of the 13 characters, four each from the previous campaigns as well as the Kickstarter exclusive character Niamh, and earn individual achievements. These unlock powerful, one-time use action cards. When all achievements have been completed, the players also receive a permanent, additional character action.

The Red Death expansion includes another campaign for heroes who have already survived The Fall of Avalon, The Last Knight, or Age of Legends. In addition to even more insights into the background story, The Red Death offers particularly difficult challenges and new opportunities to develop your own character. Driven by the question of what drew humans to Avalon, players return to the homelands of humans, where horror and doom await.

In addition to the expansions, accessories have also been released that further increase the atmospheric feel of Tainted Grail. The highly detailed miniatures of the Companions Pack complement the companion cards from the base game. The collector's figure of the legendary King Arthur, the King Arthur Mini, is also a real eye-catcher. Included is a card with a concept art of the king in addition to the detailed miniature. The Tainted Grail Artbook shows 100 pages of illustrations from the Tainted Grail world and the notebook can be used for notes during the game. A play mat, metal discs and an atmospheric designed notebook are also available.

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