Serious Poulp, the publisher behind 7ht Continent, announced the start date of the Kickstarter campaign for the successor to 7th Continent on their Facebook account. From September 22nd you have the opportunity to support 7th Citadel and plunge into a post-apocalyptic medieval fantasy world. 

7th Continent is a cooperative adventure game with discovery cards for one to four players. The game and the large expansion What Goes Up Must Come Down were funded through Kickstarter in 2017 and 2019. Both campaigns were extremely successful. The second campaign was supported by over 43.000 people with almost seven million dollars. 7th Continent is very popular and has a rating of 8.2 on BoardGameGeek and is # 25 of the most popular games on BGG.

Popular game: 7th Continent ranks in BGG Top 30

The successor 7th Citadel is also an exploration game in which the players reveal cards and thus set up the playing field. Serious Poulp describe the game less as a sequel to 7th Continent and more as a brand new game. The setting is supposed to be a medieval fantasy world in which a war lasting over seven decades devastated the world.

The players take on the role of a character and embark on an adventure. on Kickstarter you can be notified when the campaign goes online. If you want to delve even deeper into the world of 7th Citadel, you can go to BoardGameGeek Adventurer's Look at the Serious Poulp Guide.

The publisher Serious Poulp replied for a long time when asked that there would be no German version of 7th Continent. Surprisingly, a German version was announced last year in cooperation with Pegasus. in the Shop From Serious Poulp the German basic box from 7th Continent and some extensions can be pre-ordered. The game should be delivered for Christmas.

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