Popular actors taking on series roles are becoming a chore these days, assuming the production is to be well received by audiences. The new Netflix series Sex Education, which has been available to customers of the streaming provider since the beginning of January, has been cast by actors such as Asa Butterfield, known for roles such as Hugo Cabret in the fantasy film of the same name by Martin Scorsese, and Gillian Anderson, Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actress.

Parody of that Grow up 

A new school year begins at Moordale High School. High school student, teen uptight and virgin, Otis finds that all of his classmates suddenly seem all grown up. His mother Jean was meanwhile unable to inspire him to work as a sex therapist, but now everything seems different. Otis not only tries his hand at school as a sex expert for an appropriate fee, but also struggles with his own complexes and his seemingly sexual hormone intoxication. His classmate Maeve, known as a school slut, is actively by his side.

Bizarre story meets star cast

Asa Butterfield plays his role as the outsider Otis brilliantly. At no point does this seem implausible, rather it transports the adult viewer back to his or her own youth. But not only Asa Buterfield should be mentioned here, especially Gillian Anderson, in the role of Otis' overbearing and bizarre-looking mother Jean, and Ncuti Gatwa, in the role of Eric, Oti's best friend, stand out as outstanding actors.

The story offers the viewer a mixture of humor and youthful lightness, coupled with the worries and stresses of growing up. The dialogues always appear sarcastic and filled with humor, but seriousness and social criticism are not neglected either. Sex education cannot escape the typical clichés of a youth series and is predictable in the course of the story. Despite this, Netflix has created a full-length and entertaining comedy series with the series Sex Education, which gains in shine through its cast.