Pose is an American series by FX that has been available from streaming provider Netflix since the end of January. It is set in New York in 1986 and reflects the life of the residents of the big city at that time. In addition to an expanding LGBT subculture, this includes the rise of the Trump empire, ballroom culture and the life and literary scene in downtown.

Emotional and dazzling at the same time

Pose is a dramedy that is not stingy when it comes to seriousness and social criticism. It deals with the difficult situation of the LGBT and people of color subculture in the 80s and at the same time reflects the fight over the AIDS crisis. The dazzling art and literature scene of the time, which was heavily influenced by the LGBT and people of color community, is also made a topic. Pose always treats these socially critical issues with a laughing eye and thus gives them an incomparable lightness.

Drama series makes headlines

The series Pose made headlines even before it aired. It was apparently a sensation for the US audience that transsexual and transident people were involved in the production. In front of the camera, the roles of transgender people were cast by transgender actors. As a result, pose gains a lot of depth, emotionality and authenticity.