The worldwide series success You - You will love me was released in December 2018 by the streaming provider Netflix. The series is about a seemingly destitute employee of a bookstore in New York who falls head over heels in love with a woman. But unfortunately he is a dangerous stalker with dark secrets.

When love becomes obsession

You - You will love me is based on the novel of the same name by the author Caroline Kepnes and became a worldwide series success. A second season has already been announced by Netflix.

The view of the series initially appears daring. So you don't learn the story from the victim's point of view, but from that of the stalker. At times this leads to dubious sympathy for the viewer towards the perpetrator. Joe Goldberg allows the audience to participate in his crazy world of thoughts, but still appears as a smart young man. In the course of the story he slips into an ever deeper obsession with the pretty student Guinevere Beck.

After initially only getting lost in research and observations about Guinevere, Joe soon learns through his efforts that she seems to be unhappy with her life and decides to make Guinevere happy again. For this he uses drastic methods, now recognizable as a stalker.

The first season consists of ten episodes.