Shopping on the Internet has become easier than ever before. If you want to book new shoes, cinema tickets or even a trip, simply put the desired items in the shopping cart and then decide on a payment method.

Anyone who already has an existing customer account does not even have to enter their personal data or preferred payment method, as these are already stored. Instead, a single click is often enough to conveniently order the desired products. What sounds simple and straightforward, however, also harbors some risks. After all, there are a lot of scammers lurking, especially on the Internet, who have looked at sensitive data. If you don't want to fall victim to Internet thieves, you should pay attention to a few things when paying in online shops or with other service providers.

Passwords should be chosen with care

If you want to pay for something on the Internet, you have a variety of options. Whether purchase by invoice or last name or particularly conveniently and quickly by direct debit, credit card or PayPal or Klarna - buyers are now becoming more and more options. Online casinos where you can pay with your mobile phone are also very popular. While a few years ago you still needed a computer to play online games, shop online, do banking or even use an online casino, all of this now works easily via cell phone, making everyday life easier for users enormous. After all, in this way players can not only access a large number of different games at any time while on the go, but can also pay just as easily while on the go.

Whether on the train, in the waiting room at the doctor's or at home on the couch - online casinos can be used from anywhere at any time. Who also tends to procrastinate bills or especially is on the road a lot, for which the mobile payment method in online casinos is ideal. After all, the money is debited directly from the account in this way, without the user having to pay the bill themselves. So it couldn't be easier. All you need is a smartphone with an internet connection and a bank account to be able to use online casinos in this way.

Since the bank details are stored in this way in the corresponding account and often also on the smartphone itself, it is important to be particularly careful. According to this, users should use a secure password to protect their account in the corresponding online casino. Although saving the password is a convenient and quick way to gain access to your own account, it is anything but secure.

It is better to have to re-enter the password each time you use it and to use a password that is as complicated as possible and consists of a combination of numbers and letters. Also access to online banking and in the best case also the smartphone themselves should be secured accordingly.

Payment service providers such as Paypal offer buyer protection

The safest way is still the purchase by invoice. Purchases by direct debit or credit card are also considered safe. And if you want, you can too Payment service providers such as Paypal or use Klarna. Here, too, there is usually buyer protection, which protects buyers from fraudsters and protects them in the event of fraud.

Anyone who uses service providers such as Paypal also has the advantage of not having to enter their bank details every time. This not only benefits your own data protection, but also saves a lot of time. After all, all you need is an e-mail address linked to the account, which must be specified.